By Waterboyr
#83028 Make me! Lets play some games. I like this one. It's where we see what happens when I play with fire. You have to put it out or block me. Heh. If I can't beat you I can beat your forest!
(Note we can learn every move the pokemon can know and know all of them always but maybe save some of the best moves for later)
I send will-o-wisp to the nearby trees and swing a fire punch into one. The wisp haven't hit the trees yet.
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By cannonite
#83091 Raikou: Whatever you are you specter stop! No one has any quarrels with you yet you try to provoke us why? What is the purpose of these games you play?!
By Waterboyr
#83298 "Why didn't I already say? To shape the world... And I have the secrets... But why does it have to be boring? Heh I got enough energy already let this place burn!"
*Mountain with trees and snow appears nearby
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By Reinen
#84204 Pokémon- Pancham
Other- (Im not gonna lie i have no idea what this is for)

Story:I was in a field of long green poles, i lost my mom and dad.I began to eat these weird things off small sticks and leaves(Berry tree).and kept a leaf on my fat thing was comming at me, so like any other Pancham's i threw a rock at it. I was a special child back at home, my fur was red (shiny pancham) they protecteded me through until now.
By 1Charak2
#95042 Name Shadow
Pokemon Zorua
Other he is Stealthy and does not like being found

backup app if not picked

Name Blaze
Pokemon Larvesta
Other He is hot headed and goes into temper easy
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By killthepast
#95277 (i am invisible)

that gengar is so foolish..
I transform into attack mode and uses psycho boost on gengar from behind
By 1Charak2
#95371 Watch commotion from afar Does not want to get involes but i am curious so i hide behind a rock and watch teh mayhem