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By killthepast
#81076 *i run out of a pokemon mart, i had gotten the leftover supplys that were left here due to people alreay raiding the place. magnimite was a great aid, but i was getting cold and i saw a small fire attached to a pokemon, it spotted me and ran away but i gave chase, it seemed to be a cyndaquil, at the pokemart i had found one ultra ball, 2 potions and an antidote

Gold: This better work! or i am f*cking doomed to die frozen!

*throws the ultra ball at Cyndaquil*

1... *rattle*

2.... *rattle

3..... *rattle*


Gold: YES! *i run over to the pokeball, nearly buired in snow*

*i send out cyndaquil and find a branch, i tell cyndaquil to use ember to light the branch so i can use it as a torch

Party update: Cyndaquil lvl 3, Magnimite lvl 3

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By cannonite
#81177 *Meanwhile in snowpoint city*
Will: *Steps out of the gym crouched with cubchoo at my side.* We have to get to the pokemart cubchoo otherwise we will starve eventually.
Cubchoo: Cub!
Will yes yes I know the cannibals but in and out quickly and they cant get us.Now lets go. * We run to the pokemart get in and barricade the door*
Cubchoo: Cubchoo!
Will: Grab all the supplies you can. Oh first! *Grabs a pokeball and throws it at cubchoo capturing it* There and I'll take a few more. *Lets cubchoo back out I then pick up a backpack from the shelves and start filling it with water and berries* Alright lets go. As we walk out of the pokemart we hear an unearthly snarl. I freeze in terror knowing cubchoo wouldn't be able to face the beasts those cannibals use. We turn around and see a pack of cannibals and 5 bloodthirsty mighteyanas. RUN! we take of running and the mighteyanas race after us.
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By Umbreon1110
#81219 I began walking on a path near a mountains, examining a map with my Magnemite, Volt, beside me. I stopped at the end of the path to see some sort of base.
Arc: " Well, this looks like the place, Volt. But gosh, it's dark... "
Volt: " Magne! "
Volt illuminated the place a bit with a Thundershock attack.
Arc: " Good job boy. But this place gives me the creeps, let's see if someone else is here "
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By cannonite
#81402 Will: *We get cornered* Welll cubchoo looks like the end had a good run though didn't we?
Cubchoo: Choo *looks sad*
Sneasel: A sneasel jumps down onto a mighteyanas nose and claws it it beacons for us to follow while the others are distracted and we take off
Will: Cubchoo remind me to thank this sneasel will ya. After nearly ten minutes we come to a cave and enter exhausted the sneasel smirks as we hear the mighteyanas trying to track us. So thanks sneasel would you like to join us by chance?
Sneasesl: *Ponders for a moment* Sneasel!
Will ok then *captures sneasel*
Team Update: Sneasel Level 3
By Waterboyr
#81404 "PC? The last one I saw was in the town 60 miles south.
And then the one 70 miles north... Or... Well there's one that is close but...
You know...
It's that place.
There are no cannibals or weirdos but...
It's the raider's base. And they have no weapons but Rhyperiors and Tyranitars. They have countless berries and wheat farm and have fortified the whole town. It's only 7 miles away but they wouldn't let us in and they are nice they only raid cannibals or people that are threats they wouldn't attack us and we could never sneak in or fight them anyways... So no. BUT there are cannibals HERE so shouldn't we worry about what's going on RIGHT NOW?"
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By killthepast
#81462 *finds will *i dont know ur name in rp yet*

Gold: Hey you!

Cyndaquil: cynda CYN!

*a linoone rams me from behind fll force*


Cyndaquil: Cynda! *uses flamethrower*

Linoone: Linoone!

*linoone faints*