By Lifegrasp180
#82384 [center]Prologue[/center]
[center]Clang! Shing!The sound of Interlocking swords fill the streets as enemy soldiers march along the paved road of Oakenglade City.
FWOOOOSH!I nearly shout as a streak of flame burns a nearby guard who almost overtook one of the soldiers.
"They have wizards too?" I think. Foom! another flame streaked past my head.
"oop, time to go" I say as i take off towards the alley. "Hey after him!" yelled one of the soldiers.
My feet pounded against the alley's cobblestone pavement. I spot my escape route, a hole about the size of the man-covers that lead to the city sewers.I dove headfirst in to the rocky tunnel. the soldiers are almost on me. I turn around towards the entrance.
I close my eyes and i feel energy welling up in my chest. the energy moves to my arms, then my hands, and then my fingertips.
Fwoooom! a green light emanated from my fingers as i hastily but carefully construct an emerald green barrier that blocked the hole... and my pursuers.
"see ya later" I smile and wave at the confused guards as i crawl away into the darkness of the tunnel.[/center]


[center]Hello all! welcome to my newest roleplay! If your wondering what it's about then i'll tell you.
This land is called Daelian. This land is ruled by a brave, noble king...or at least most of it. in the darker edges of the land is a place filled with bandits,dark sorcerers, and an evil, unlawful tyrant. the only thing that kept the lands separate is that each king held a power that kept each kingdom from entering the other, you could say a balance between them that kept them from overpowering the other. It's the reason the lighter side of Daelian kept it's prosperous and peaceful existence. but one of the tyrant's dark wizards have sensed a great power within the kingdom and the tyrant's men have been sent to retrieve it.when they have reached the area a large crater was blasted there along with scorched trees. as one of the soldiers climbed down the crater he found a sword. the handle seemed to be crafted from a dark obsidian while the blade did not seem to be crafted of any known material. the soldier picked up the blade and instantly a dark energy filled his body. when he had returned to the group of other soldiers the one who had retrieved the sword slew them without even a word it took the Tyrants best sorcerers just to contain him. the sword was brought back to the tyrant in a case sealed with magic. when the tyrant had gained the sword he had become powerful, very powerful. that was his plot to conquest within the lighter realm was formed.[/center]


1. No Vulgar language or flaming
2.No Obscene pictures,text,etc.
3.Do not "cheat" in combat with another roleplayer. you know what i mean.*glares menacingly* killing another roleplayer in combat without the character owners consent.
5.There will be no complaining got it? that is not the topic of this roleplay and if you have a problem just PM me and i'll deal with it to the best of my ability.
6.there may be some blood in this roleplay. ( your poking people with sharp,pointy objects it's unavoidable.)but don't overdo it please?
7.your character may not have all bad-A armor and crap like that when you start the roleplay you will do this like every great adventurer...with filthy rags and a rusted sword.(not exactly filthy rags and rusted swords but you get the gist.)
8.Similar to rule 4 and 7 if you are some type of wizard character you will not I repeat WILL NOT. just blast the living crap outta that person with you big scary spells got it?
9.failure to comply with the above rules will result in not being allowed to participate in the roleplay
10. if you read every single thing i typed up to this point give yourself a pat on the back i'm proud of ya'[/center]

[center]Character Bio Teamplate[/center]

[center]Name: If you don't know what this is you probably lived under a rock.
Age:how old is your character?
Gender: in the words of prof.Oak...Are you a boy or a girl?
History:Tell me your characters whole life story.
Personality: How does your character tend to act?
Appearance:Tell me about your hair, clothes and other features.
Occupation:Warrior? Wizard? rouge? what do you do?
Weapons: Stabby or shooty? your call
Armor:Strong plates of steel? or that weird cow stuff?
Abilities:(this mostly applies to wizards but can apply to others as well.)Ex.Poison on daggers or maybe you can shoot flaming arrows or somethin'
Other:Relationships,extra features, and whatever makes your character unique.[/center]

I hope you enjoy :)

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By cannonite
#82392 Name: William Darkstriker
Alias: The Trickster
Get off my property you scoundrel (If that counts as a name I'm called that commonly)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Life Story: Well it all started exactly twelve years ago in a small village at the edge of the land. William was raised in harsh conditions bandits for sometime had taken over the town and the villagers could barely get by with so little food. The bandits were sadistic relentless people who left the villagers starving without the care in the world. However I had a knack for magic I discovered this at the age of 7 little things at first by the time I was ten I could use my magic and wit to outsmart the bandits and get food and water to my parents and friends. How did I do this well the bandits were avid gamblers and so being devious as I was I concocted some faulty dice so I bet some of the more arrogant gamblers I could beat them at dice for a bit of food and they couldn't help themselves! So we played quite a bit my dice always rolling a six or a five theirs went up to pure luck and occasionally won. However after a few years tragedy struck! The villagers after nearly six years of being starved worked and beaten grew tired not to mention the rival bandit gangs that would occasionally follow our overlords back from raids would kill a few villagers hear and there. Eventually the bandits knew they had to set up shop somewhere else and simply began to kill the villagers. On that terrible night men, women, and even children were cut down in the street houses burned what little livestock we had was killed. My parents hid me in the closet peaking out of a crack in the door I watched them get cut down. I was the only survivor of that terrible night after i came out the bandits were long gone. I gave me parents a proper burial and simply gathered what little i had and left. After nearly 9 months of traveling pick pocketing for food and water i arrived at a city in the "light kingdom". I set up shop hear as a trickster a thief and a magician using my abilities to "entertain" and cheat at games like dice. I don't look for revenge on the bandits whats done is done I probably won't find them and its been 16 years. Now with this dark Tyrant on the loose It could be good business for people like me and I'm always looking for some more spending money.
Personality: Devious, thief, loves to play tricks on people, Loves apples, Hates politics and government, Loves his dog Henry
Appearance: 5'11, Brown eyes, Light brown hair, white shirt with a black vest, Brown pants, a ratty black cloak (hood up typically), black leather boots,
Occupation: Thief/wizard
Weapons: Wit/rusty off balance dagger
Armor: Minor padding in vest but nothing that will stop a sword stroke
Abilities: Minor telekinesis (I can maybe lift a small object like a stone or if I concentrate my knife) Item materialization with the snap of my fingers (Before people say that's overpowered there are only a few things I can nothing major these items are: Apples, My dog who I keep at home, my dagger, and any coins I have in my possesion)
(Hope I didn't over do it but I love writing back stories :) )
By Lifegrasp180
#82439 (not at all cannonite in fact i'm kinda glad on how much detail you put into your character. :) )

Name: Lucas Laef-Graunt
Gender: Male

History:Lucas lived in the light kingdom his whole life. he never had anything to worry about unless he wandered into the wilderness.
father was a spellblade, a warrior or mercenary who is not only trained to wield a blade but also is able to control the magical aura that emanates within the earth and send it out as a projectile or maybe some other power this action is commonly referred to as "casting a spell"by the common mother was another wizard of sorts. she was a healer, more specifically she used healing magic. we lived in Oakenglade city we were one of the richer citizens but my mother and father warned me not to let our money make me greedy. father would frequently take me out into the plains outside the city walls to teach me in swordmanship and magic casting. mother taught me how to heal using my powers and certain herbs. my father had told me that the king was kind and brave...but also fatheaded he thinks the kingdom can protect itself if the dark kingdom ever found a way past the invisible barrier. that day could not have come any sooner. the scouts have spotted an army of people in black marching towards Oakenglade. on that day me and my parents said our final goodbyes, my father had been called to war to stand with the troops and my mother was sent to heal them. my father and mother have given me things that would me survive the escape from the city. such as food and water,money,they gave me two more things, mother had given me an amulet that had glowing markings inscribed on our family insignia. Father had given me a sword. it's handle was a polished silver and it's blade was a fine steel. embedded within the handle was an emerald again in the shape of my insignia. It was then i had escaped through the hole in the city walls. eventually i had made it outside and have started running as far away from that town as possible.

Personality: Laidback attitude and a cheery disposition. is often able to find trust in others and sees the good in everyone.due to recent events he has become more mature and finds it harder to find trust in others but still believes in the goodness in others,though he has a very positive outlook on life he is a skilled swordsman and wizard and cares deeply for the ones he loves and trusts.

Appearance: ratty , dark blond hair , tan skin, wears a white shirt and long brown trousers,black boots , also wears a cloak-ish coat that is green with markings along the sleeves and back , which leads up to a covering that covered his face just above the mouth. also occasionally wears fingerless gloves.(he usually cuts the finger part of the glove off himself since he does not find it comfortable and makes it harder to grip things.)

Occupation: Spellblade occasionally doing mercenary work for people to get money.

Weapons: Uses a sword and also occasionally magic to fight, also is a decent strategist.

Armor:wears bits of armor underneath his cloak and wears light armor on his arms and legs

Abilities: able to use energy to create simple structures and also use the energy as a projectile. simple healing skills, also able to temporarily increase the power of his sword by covering it in energy. simple persuasion skills.

Other:is travelling the land in search of ways to train his fighting and magic skills.
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By cannonite
#82462 ( So I'll start I guess)
William: Hello everybody welcome one and all! To the most mysterious strange show you have ever seen! You can watch with your own eyes the mysteries of magic for a mere 5 silver! *Everyone in the crowd wondering what it was this shady character could possibly show them about magic after all the town already had its own sorcerer and healer and he worked miracles and didn't charge nearly as much and this is what intrigued the crowd if this show was worth 5 silver this had to be good I watch as they carefully deposit 5 silver each in the small bag I passed around* Whisper: Another good days work huh Henry. Everything is going great *looks up at the crowd and sees a man he had recently cheated out of a good nearly 10 gold*. Great... That annoying wealthy merchant and hes got a town guard fantastic... Henry you should go home *snaps and Henry returns to the loft we have been living in for a few months I then collect the bag*
Merchant: Thats him officer! thats the man that took my gold *produces the faulty dice I accidentally left back at the tavern*
William: Damn I new I was forgetting something! I had to mess up in this goldmine of rich idiots... Well ladies and gentlemen that concludes our show! *I take my dagger out and project it at the guard it bounces off his armor due to lack of force but it gave me just enough distraction to run down the corner into an alley with the gold and silver in hand.
By Lifegrasp180
#82468 I watch as the conman runs down the alley being chased by the guards. I shake my head. it's a shame really i say to myself. The light kingdom never had this amount of thieves and con-men since well probably never. though that trickster did seem like an interesting character yes he had the look of a con-man the calm yet bright demeanor, the spring in his step, even that look of slight greed in his eyes, but he was different i couldn't put my finger on it but i know he is definitley different like a sore thumb, let's investigate further shall we? i say to myself. i walk towards one of the nearby buildings next to the alley. looking around to make sure nobody was looking i use my powers and create small handholds for me to climb up on. as i reach the roof i watch as the scene unfolds.
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By cannonite
#82473 William: Oh the fun of the chase! The guard begins to catch up and I turn the corner of the alley! *snaps and an apple appears in my hand* Alright lawman have an apple *throws it at the guards face plate it doesn't hurt him directly but the rattle of metal in his helmet shakes him up a bit* Now where was I oh yes I was running! *Begins to run*
By Lifegrasp180
#82477 i get up from my perch on the roof as i run along the shingles the conman is below but a few meters ahead the guards are quite aways away thats when i notice there is a wall quite aways up the road where the man was headed and the buildings seemed too tightly packed for him to squeeze through. but this guy had a trick or two made apparent from the apple that came from nowhere. a smile almost touches my lips as he runs. this might get interesting i think.
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By cannonite
#82481 William: Cant get through the buildings so. *Snaps again and my dagger appears in my hand* This old thing simply won't do against that nice sword you have their mister. Well thats ok cause I will simply
Guard Save it for the courts you thief!
William: That's no way to talk to someone who can do this *waves hand and the guard trips* now *walks over to the guard and puts knife to to his throat*
Guard: WAit please don't
William: *Busts up laughing* You should have seen your face "please no" hahahah! yeah but seriously I'm not gonna kill you get out of hear just go. *Takes sword* This should be worth something. Now you may go.
By Lifegrasp180
#82483 Although i do not support theivery i say to myself . I have to admit that looked really entertaining. I stand up and start walking along the roof to the town square again looking
around i jump down from the roof. i stand up I still see the con man down the alley he's turned away still dealing with the guard. I flash a series of hand motions towards the man in the sign language almost every citizen in Daelian knows. It roughly translates too I hope you find what you are looking for, friend.
I then walk towards the market to buy my dinner for tonight. afterwards i retire to my room in the inn.
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By cannonite
#82484 William: After the scene at the alley I walk to the small but wealthy black market in the city where I barter the sword for a good 5 gold. After that I head back to my small loft at the edge of the town with Henry my dog( Forgot to say he's a beagle) You know Henry I think I'm going to pull a big heist tomorrow I'm going to rob the town mayor!
Henry: Looks at me like: Your crazy not even you can do that.
William: Life is short Henry and where theres money to be made is where I am am besides with that kind of money I can buy you quite a bit of steak.
Henry: Looks at me again: You now have my attention.
William: Now with the money I made today I am going to need some rope a better dagger my god look at this thing. *Holds up the dagger its rusty there are several chunks of metal missing from the blade and its off balance* and A dog people here love dogs you distract the guards got it?
Henry: *Looks up* You have got to be kidding me?