By Waterboyr
#93065 Okay. Superheroes sounds fun, no matter if it's modern. You mean like future, or old fashion like Sherlock Holmes?
By Lifegrasp180
#93856 Ok i guess it's time to be even MORE specific lol.
basically were kind of...ancient and we all lived sometime in earth's history.
the first of the ancients was a guy named Acanotro who actually was a normal guy who owned a duck pond (this is linked to why my family calls my cousin duckman).
and late at night he notices strange happenings in the woods. so he goes to the king and he said that he sees strange creatures in the woods.
the king says he will not waste time and resources to investigate fairy tale so he gives permission to Acanotro to investigate the forest himself.
so he takes his staff and walks into the woods. he finds dark creatures who tried to kill him.
at the inch of death, a supernatural being turns him into an angel...sorta.
his staff turns to gold he sprouts wings and also golden halos appear on his wrist.
that is the first ancient and there are going to be more.
(I promise i will make this sound slightly more awesome when i make the roleplay.)
By Waterboyr
#93873 (Can I be a non-ancient sidekick person? I want to. Even though that's weird. I like different. And to keep the plot going I like to make someone the main character even if I'm second.)
By Lifegrasp180
#93880 don't mind at all the roleplay does eventually take place in sorta present day. you'd probably be a non-ancient, ancient if that makes sense
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By Rzxa
#93889 i can be active its just that i am waiting until you guys reach the place my character is or did you and i cant sometime until breaks come
By Waterboyr
#94135 (yes like not one of the powerful's but still considered ancient not like the power wise. Anyways whenever you want to you can make it)
By MCPhantom122
#106872 Name: Edward Gallience
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Attitude: Usually Happy, cheery, and protective unless his past his brought up then he gets sad and angry. Loves to help people but he does have an adventurous side on him.
Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, raggedy black shirt and tattered brown pants, worn out black boots, 6'0" feet tall
Occupation: Protector of the slums. Wants to be a knight in the future.
Weapons: Rusty short sword and a chipped kitchen knife.
Abilities: Abnormal Speed. An ability to where he needs to go somewhere really fast he can speed up really fast for a short time. Ex. Running 100 yards in 9 seconds but takes a toll on his energy.
Armor: None
History: 9 years ago, Edward was a young boy with nice parents living in a town were it was pretty much all totalitarian, (a government where a dictator or a group of people take total control over peoples lives, in this case its a group of people.) The family lived in a small house with almost no income and are working so much that they often get to the point to where they need emergency help. Edward didn't like that but he just had to stick with it. When Edward went to school he excelled in all classes but he was always bullied by some of the higher up kids that are somehow related to the dictators. He was beaten up, yelled at, and got told lies about. So after some time he was very often shunned by everybody including the teachers. Edward cried one night and was tired of him getting bullied and so when he was going to get "bullied" again the mean kids beat him up but Edward stood up and yelled "I'M TIRED OF THIS!" and accidentally used his ability he didn't know about, "Abnormal Speed", and straight up sprinted towards one of the kids and knocked him across the ground. The others got scared and ran to tell their parents, dictators and nobles. The next day at dusk, their were lights coming towards his house that looked like torches. Before that he told his parents for what he has done and the parents told him to run and go hide. The torches were thrown at the house and his parents were slaughtered and the next day his house was down to ashes. He was extremely upset and wanted to just end his life. So he wandered around for days without food or water until one day when he was about to collapse, he was near the slums and was picked up by some children and was brought to their parents to treat him. He woke up in the slums and found himself a new life to go forward in. So as he goes he protects the slums from the evil powers of the dictators with some friends as he grows up and wants to become a knight in the future to protect the good and slay the bad.