By Waterboyr
#89986 *Stops*
*hand gestures that make no since*
A giant shadow covers the area. A humongous one. And it's right behind the sorcerer's back.
(What's your roleplay name again?)
By Lifegrasp180
#90033 (My Characters name is Lucas.)
As the world got dark i turn and look up.
Oh...that's what.
i look back at the little mouse.
let's go.
I scoop him up and run as fast as i can.
By Waterboyr
#90041 At ever step of the thing behind us the ground literally shakes up into the air and falls back down. Trees jump up and down. There is a loud boom like an explosion too. Dirt flies onto us and his breath literally killed a bird. And oh.
He eats humans. He like bites into them.
And sometimes he lets them into his tummy. I found his diary... Yeah he has a diary. He is a giant except that he is the largest in the world. Especially to me. But anyways he eats them and he is wizard-born so when he swallows them they will live in him and will be slowly ate away in his stomach. That would suck. Every step would be an earthquake and he is very fat and chubby so he jiggles but not just normally since he is a giant if you lied in hi it would be like a nightmare.
I suddenly see a 100 yard wide hand reach to grab us.

I'm just wondering how he hid without us noticing. Are we that stupid?
Oh well anyway we are screwed. He is like an inch away.
By Waterboyr
#92825 (Well that's cause the others aren't active so it's only us. This story required the others to be active that's why we are throwing in craziness (mostly me) because we need to fill in the gaps of the others not posting.
By Waterboyr
#92833 Because since this literally required destined players we have to make a new story or stop it.
By Lifegrasp180
#92840 well i was thinking about possibly making a new roleplay that i guess really just need two or three people that post often

it is inspired by my cousin who is an amazing artist so we all ended up being like superheroes. it's kinda a big deal to him.
By Waterboyr
#92954 Maybe we should resort to a two person roleplay just so we at least always have an active one? And then make multiple people ones. We could do the superhero thing and I gladly be the sidekick cause I love sidekicks.
By Lifegrasp180
#92988 i wasn't actually talking about modern superheroes lol. i guess i should have been more specific.
i'll probably explain more when i make it. do you think i should try to make it this weekend A.K.A tonight because i don't have internet at my mom's house