By Waterboyr
#82608 I feel a weird sensation and turn to see them fighting the entity.
Then I realize what they are doing.
The ground shakes and fissures open up in some places.
But I know almost all of them didn't hear my words. Mostly because lots of them died.
An explosion near the feet sends me flying, but swords and arrows can't hurt it.
And to top it off, the small entity army is now engaging the knights. They are now visible and are human shaped but black and fuzzy outlines and still no features just a shape.
Now they can be killed but...
I look to the only scratched monster and pull out my bowstaff.
I have no point in living, even after my rampage of running away so I could. I don't anything so I can't do anything. I think sacrificing is a good way to go...
And suddenly my bowstaff glows and turns into a wizard staff.
I hold it up and flip through the air.
I smash it to the ground and it sends me flying up above the monster.
I do spins in the air and then fall towards the monster.
I smash the glowing green staff through the head and it causes an explosion. The kind that have the light part of it that stays small for three seconds and then goes boom.
And it is bigger than the monster.
I fall to the ground looking quite dead and all of the entities are dead.

By Lifegrasp180
#82619 Fwooooooooosh! BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The sound was deafening and the light was blinding. the explosion was very large. all of the entities were dead and gradually dissipated.
I stood there. that explosion was not caused by me i ran towards the source with that inhuman speed again and found it. there was no structural damage surprisingly it must have only affected the dark beings. but there was one thing caught in the blast...the other wizard had been the cause of the blast when the beings became tangible. a kneeled at his nearly lifeless body. I looked skyward the whole sky returned to it's natural hue. please beings of light, i whisper please give me the strength to make him well i plead. then my hands began to glow. my hand shot green lights more intense than when i had given energy to him earlier. the lights touched his head again. and color returned to his skin. good...thank you. i say i fall over and i black out.
By Waterboyr
#82654 I wake up screaming.
Everyone us staring at me.
I slowly back away.
Guards step towards me and aim bows at me.
Guard 1: You little...
I send a black ball into his face
Guard 1: AHH!! GET IT OFF ME!
Guard 1 falls to the ground clawing at a black glob on his face.
Three guards shoot at me.
I duck under one and put one hand on the ground and cartwheel dodging the other to.
Because I don't cast the same spells other wizards can and cast one they can't it can make it easier or harder in some situations.
(imagine in slow motion)
10 more arrows.
Three melee's rushing.
1 expert swordsman waiting.

Bringing out my staff that now has gold ends to it I swing it above my head and then behind me and push and flip over it dodging 2 arrows.
After I land I swing it around me and block one behind me and then get hit by one in the hand.
Using one hand I aim my staff at the archers and send a ball of light at him.
Melee's rushed from behind and chop of my right arm.
I hit the ground and they fly dead.
The master swordsman rushes and my arm trips him and I push the pole through his armor and chest.
I sprint away through the rubble into a forest.
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By cannonite
#82663 William: The death toll was numerous people still screamed as I galloped down the street and out of the gates into the forest where I set up camp for the night.
By Lifegrasp180
#82760 I woke up in my room in the inn which didn't seem to have been destroyed. A good Citizen must have known i lived there and carried me there. I didn't feel that overwhelming sense of hope though. just a lot of pain and sleepiness. i groggily get up from my bed and i walk over to the mirror. WHOA! i nearly fall over from what i just saw in the mirror. My eyes were green not just the part that was normally colored but the white of my eyes! (or should i say the green of my eyes?) I thought. There were also green markings along my face and arms. this is...odd i say. I walk back to my room and pick up my sword it's leather sheathe was also green. whatever happened to me last night, i thought it had a lot to do with the color green. i pull the sword out and surprise,surprise it was an emerald green. strange i thought. whenever i fought those things before i passed out my blade did't look like metal. it looked like light...a blade of light. this is almost to crazy. i think.
By Waterboyr
#82902 *in forest
"Well there is a camp... But wizards aren't welcome and he could be a bandit... But I'm so hungry."
*hears a rustle
"Hm? I-i-s anyone there?"
A cold hand grabs me. No not a hand. It's wet. Not the texture. It hurts. It's not pain it's some other feeling worse than words can describe. It pulls me away but I fight to reach for my staff which lies nearby. I grab it and jab the thing and let out a scream before it drags me away. A ball of green light leaves my staff and flies into the sky and explodes. Anyone within a 100 mile radius could see it.
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By Rzxa
#82930 Name: Hiroween
Age:how old is your character? 16
Gender: in the words of prof.Oak...Are you a boy or a girl? Boy
History:Tell me your characters whole life story.
Hiroween the master Assasin was a little boy when his parents was killed by Bandits
Since he was an orphan most people tease him and abused him
But on his mind he is always thinking I will kill all of you people there would only be good people in this world
When he reached 15 he met a person and the person said I heard about you kid
Join my group and all the bad people will die
But on his 16th birthday a hordes of bandits killed him
His last word were I was wrong about how I see life, you need to change hirowee...
Thus he die
After 2 months he became a very good Assasin even though he is young he can still make deadly moves

Personality: How does your character tend to act? Kind at times, Cold at the bad, saves the weak, sometimes greedy, and has a habit of eating
Appearance:Tell me about your hair, clothes and other features. Black Spiky Hair, Has a Dark Cloak,Brown boots, and dark ragged pants
Occupation:Warrior? Wizard? rouge? what do you do? Assasin
Weapons: Stabby or shooty? your call : Bow, and dual blades
Armor:Strong plates of steel? or that weird cow stuff? Mixed of Leather and iron
Abilities:(this mostly applies to wizards but can apply to others as well.)Ex.Poison on daggers or maybe you can shoot flaming arrows or somethin' : Flaming Dark Bow , Flaming dual swords
Other:Relationships,extra features, and whatever makes your character unique.
Relationship: none
Sometimes really annoying and weird
By Lifegrasp180
#82946 after the initial shock of my appearance i saw a green light fly up into the air and explode brightly against the night sky. it's him i thought. the wizard i saved.
man how in the world does that guy cause so much explosions? i run to the city gate in the middle of the night. running fast but again not as fast as yesterday during the attack. i eventually see a camp and nearby tracks in the dirt. like someone being dragged away.
By Waterboyr
#83024 The drag marks lead to a lake.
Then there is blood everywhere along the edge like a deer was hunted down and then killed.
There is blood floating in the lake. And things moving in the lake. A lot of things.
By Lifegrasp180
#83163 The tracks lead me to a lake. the tracks led into the water. i stood on the shoreline looking in to the murky water. i summoned a light with my magic and held it close to the water. dark fuzzy shapes swirled around in the lake. one of the shapes lunged at me and i jumped back. I threw a light orb at the shape. it screamed and fell back into the water. An idea formed in my head as i coat myself in green light and i dive in to the water to look for the wizard. like i planned the dark beings stayed away from me. with that assured i begin to dive down deeper.