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By MinerKombat1557
#83586 title says it all, there is 10 slots, you can be a legendary pokemon or a normal pokemon, just no arceus

Nickname (optional):
Team (Red, Blue, Green and Purple):
Shiny (Yes or No):

My app
Name: Sky
Pokemon: Rayquaza
Nickname (optional):
Moves: V-Create *can learn in gen 5), Outrage, dragon dance, extreemespeed
Team (Red, Blue, Green and Black): Black
Shiny (Yes or No): Yes
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By Reinen
#84038 Name: Reinen
Pokemon: Pancham
Nick: Rei
Moves: Iron Punch or fist (i forgot) Karate chop, Mold Breaker, this last one might be op Transform
Shiny: if a shiny pancham is red then yeah if its the golden one no.
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By Reinen
#84198 Man i always get accepted on the first shot
By Waterboyr
Reinen wrote:Man i always get accepted on the first shot

I just rejected you on one of my roleplays because you didn't read the directions so lol false statement and basically everyone does get accepted for everything.
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By cannonite
#84333 Name: Crowley
Pokemon: darkrai
Nickname: None
Moves: Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Ice beam, Psychic
Team: Red ( Or which ever team is completely sadistic and evil I assume red)
Shiny: No
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By Rzxa
#84344 App:
Pokemon:Gengar has also a mega stone
Nickname (optional): X
Moves:Destiny Bond,Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb
Team (Red, Blue, Green and Purple): Blue
Shiny (Yes or No): no
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By cannonite
#85005 (So I'll start with kind of a prolouge to my character)
How long has it been centuries millennium It really was hard to tell when you were chained and imprisoned in an endless void held in place by chains of pure light that sucked the very energy out of you. I was sure it had been at least 2000 years since that wretched Cresselia imprisoned me hear but I can feel it now my bonds loosening and weakening I'm sure she hoped I would eventually become nothing due to the constant energy being drained from me.well you can't kill Nightmares or darkness so its gonna be fun when these chains break.
By Waterboyr
#85169 App:
Name: Kecleon
Pokemon: Kecleon
Nickname (optional):
Moves: Shadow Sneak, Substitute, Lick, Ancient Power
Team (Red, Blue, Green and Purple): Blue
Shiny (Yes or No):Yes