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By Umbreon1110
#86452 *Meanwhile*

I was sitting in Terminus cave, pretending to be a statue for about two years, five months, three weeks, six days, four hours, five minutes, and twenty one seconds now...
Tremor: " Screw this, that trainer should be here by now, I'm leaving. "
I began tunneling a bit, and came across a good point to surface.
Tremor: " Annnd, here we go. Hopefully nobody is standing there... "
*breaks through the ground right behind Kecleon*
By Waterboyr
#86500 "Hm? Ah! More legendaries... You better stay away! LEAVE!"
I then shadow sneak uppercut the pokemon.
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By Umbreon1110
#86515 I recoiled a bit from the attack, not expecting it at all.
Tremor: " What the heck?! What did I even do? Jeez, I deserve a break from monitoring the ecosystem for all of eternity. I'm not in the mood for battle right now anyways. "
The rest of my tail surfaced from the hole I was digging, and I stared at all of the other legendaries. There had never been this much legendaries at once since that war thing in Kalos.
" OK, just don't attack me, and nobody gets hurt. "
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By killthepast
#86531 *angryly in the ozone layer, swearing vengance against darkrai*

he will DIE, i shall assemble a team

*teams are introduced here*
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By cannonite
#86616 *Meanwhile in the void* Now with this one down I just need Cresselia and hmm if I say his name first thing I get when I leave this place is smited by a rainbow his time will come too though.
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By Rzxa
#86805 i nodded to kecleon
while nodding the power was so big inside my body to sustain
so i needed to return back to my original form
By Waterboyr
#87074 I noticed gengar was different and was struggling.
"He's... Evolved."
And suddenly I fall to the ground, hit by an attack. Defeated.
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By cannonite
#87151 Concentrating and half asleep my conciousness appears on a mountain with a permanent rainbow at the top.
Darkrai: Ho-Oh even through this form I feel your presence so just make yourself appear.* With that a mass of colors come flying at me with alarming speed a fire blast the size of at least 5 of me is shot from the figure blowing a large crater in the mountain peak but being just a mental projection I feel nothing and Ho-Oh lands in front of me so mad I can feel the heat radiating off of him* So hows ruling the world Ho-Oh you seem to have a nice gig leaving me to rot in the void. I assume by now you heard of my little returning party with Deoxys?
Ho-Oh: What have you done to Deoxys? And why are you hear?
Darkrai: Oh you know imprisoned him inside his life force for a few millenium that sort of thing! However he was just collateral really a coming home present to myself I really don't have much of a quarrel with the guy you and Cresselia were the ones who made him boost you two's power. Which brings me to my next point I want to make a deal with you.
Ho-Oh: I don't make deals with the universes filth such as you. besides I am stronger than you and you have no power over me
darkrai: I'm hurt Ho-Oh really I am. I know I can't kill you now. I want Cresselias Lunar wing so I can corrupt it and destroy her and then scatter her across the void in a million shards of moonlight. No harm comes to you! However I am getting back into the swing of things faster than you can really anticipate in a few days time I can destroy everything you have ever built I believe you have a soft spot for those Legendary beasts of yours once I'm back up to full power boom they're gone. So you have until the next full moon in a week when I recharge my power up to full to decide so you have some tough decisions to make goodbye. * Disappears back into my body*