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By cannonite
#84337 Pokemon: Diggersby (The first rodent I like)
Personality: Likes to fight, Dislikes foolish pokemon, he generally kicks in the face first asks questions later, Headstrong, Does not trust easy
Moves: Brick Break,Double Kick, Bounce, Stone Edge
Traits: Has Huge power ability so his attack is doubled to massive amounts.
Anything else: Cookies
By Lettucecow
#84874 accepted

Whoah! Pokemon falling from the sky? Never seen that before! Anywho the town is getting overrun by ghost pokemon, we need to go!
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By Umbreon1110
#85523 Pokemon: Tyrantrum
Personality: Short tempered, likes to battle, a bit reckless, basically your average prehistoric reptile
Moves: Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Draco Metror, Rock Slide
Traits: Holds grudges for a long time, hates to loose
Anything else: Well he -was- revived from a fossil so he can be a bit ignorant