By Waterboyr
#90045 An explosion is heard from all over the God's Hand area.
I fly out of the prison with every guard behind me, while winking at the person who captured me who is below.
I fly into neutral territory and find guards from all of the clans and lots of mine so the guards chasing me stop as I fly into my territory.

Before I do so I say, "Sorry girls, but don't throw a tantrum! You shouldn't leave me in a cell next time!"
When I get into my kingdom I find my other friends escaped 5 seconds earlier like we planned.
"Okay we've angered them enough that one kingdom might make a move. WyvernCove is our secret ally but they are still technically neutral so once they stock up enough they will be our real ally. I don't know what ThunderPerch plans on, maybe taking over everyone. Shocking (HAHAHAHAHA). Now what we need to do is actually make a real wall and kingdom. We have one but every other kingdom has their elemental rock as or in their wall depending on how good it would make as a wall. With obsidian it'd be amazing. Okay!"
*in the middle of the night*
All is peaceful.
A rumbling noise is heard throughout all of the land.
The previous walls of ravenspire fall into the ground but split apart before they fully fall in, and out of the ground, shaking everything in the land like the worst earthquake in history of everything, and out rises an enormously tall obsidian wall. with thousands of soldiers as guards. Cheers rise throughout the new official kingdom and ravenspire aviuses throughout the land fly everywhere whether they were neutral living in the land or living in ravenspire, they are seen flying everywhere. Some super excited ones leave black streaks of smoke behind them through the air, forming the word ravenspire or some just leaving streaks and not words.

I'm one of the people flying and cheer at our triumph, and the first of many on the path to end war.
If I had answered that God's Hand soldier when he asked what I was doing, I'd say I was saving innocent lives and ending mass death and war.
By Lifegrasp180
#90056 News about the wall spread like wildfire. it was guareded by many guards in many numbers than were thought to be in ravenspire.
when that raven had escaped from the prison he winked at me. that left a dark feeling.
I decided to talk to my father about the situation.
(a quick flight later.)
Father! i yelled. Where are you?
I'm over here. a voice called back..
i landed in front of my father, (who was the same man from the legend) looked like he was pretty young.
father have you heard about the wall that miraculously appeared for no reason around ravenspire?
yes i have. he said simply.
we need to do something about this. i said
you think i haven't thought that? he asked.
no i don't i said. but this is absolutely crazy. we need to talk to them it looks like they are preparing for war! I yelled.
my son... he said. do you ever think i would let them? he let out a small smile.
what's that for? i asked.
you'll see. he said.
after he said this he began to walk towards the nearby corridor.
after many narrow twists and turns we stopped at a lone door.
he produced a key from around his neck.
when he inserted the key and we stepped inside.
I saw what he meant...
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By Rzxa
#90066 whats that noise i said
i flew and see Ravenspire avius in the god hand kingdom
When i saw them attacking the avius i rush down to the ground with flames and icy wind following me
Hey Stop it
i told on the ravenspires
i run as fast killing most of the raven spire on my way when i saw one of the leaders
i think his name was Drystone
he saw me and attack me with all his might
i was doging everything until he dodge my atatcks and kick me
ugh you wont get away with this Ravenspires!
By Waterboyr
#90071 *underground in secret meeting place in middle point of neutral area of all kingdoms*
"Okay good a representative of all of you are here. From now on any act against any kingdom is considered a hostile threat to us. Especially the WyvernCaves. And even including the God'sHand. Any act like an attack or war on any clan is declaring war on us. We are serious. We will end this war before it starts. Give this message to your leaders! Goodbye!"
I then walk out and fly into the night.
Right when I'm about to cross into my realm I am hit by something and fall onto the edge of God's Hand realm in the wilderness, knocked out.

(What the heck Rzxa? That made no since we made a wall. Everything that happened is we made a new wall to protect ourselves we didn't make a move on you. I don't like that post. But I can't do anything about it...)
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By Rzxa
#90078 well ok that post never existed but cant people fly past the wall how high is it?
By Waterboyr
#90129 (People can fly past it but idk lets just say as high as the other kingdoms. And if Lifegrasp agrees to your post and not mine I'll be fine.)
By Lifegrasp180
#90151 ( i guess technically he could fly over the walls but normally one clan doesn't just fly over another clans walls unless they plan on getting taking an arrow to the face.(because "knee" wouldn't make any sense for birds would it?)
(by the way i feel like this roleplay is going really fast.)

It was the tree from the legends... the golden tree.
there again was only one fruit at the top of the tree.
why are you showing me this father? i asked.
though i may be young in appearance, i was old before i even became king. he stated simply.
i want you to take my place as king. he continued.'
what!? i said. but how could i take your place? you're the creator of the avius not me they'll listen to you.
my time is over...but yours is only beginning.
with that he gestured towards the tree.
i fly up towards the tree. and i grab the fruit.
the fruit was golden in color. i take a bite.
By Waterboyr
#90152 (Well Rzxa and me both know that when it has a slow start they turn out to not ever happen and that's happened to many times. Right Rzxa?)
A messenger waits in the hall to inform the king and prince or now king's father and king of the meeting that took place and what was said.
That anyone who does anything hostile to any kingdom, even if it's God's Hand who have a bad history with Ravenspire, will be an enemy of Ravenspire.

*in the new kingdom of Ravenspire*
"Okay the meeting happened so if they plan on doing war we will be prepared. Now no making advancements on troops and only peaceful things! No spying either. We have to make them take us seriously."
The president of Ravenspire comes in with some of the other diplomatic leaders and war officers.
"How is you special force going? We are building a new castle to go with the wall. It is complteley made out of obsidian and other rocks inside so if they ever got through the obsidian they'd have more and more layers, as the wall is too. Yet it's hidden and the obsidian is the hardest to break so the other layers are in the middle and obsidian at the end, but most attacks will be aerial of course. Anyways see if you can set up a patrol border in the forests of our area. We are planning out towns everywhere and soldier outposts so if they want ot get to us by ground or bombs they'd have to kill innocents and go through soldiers which most won't try. This war will end hopefully if we can voice out our words!"

"Of course it will! How many soldiers can I take?"
"Just 100 for now to spread outpost everywhere. 1000 a day for a fortnight. They thought we were a small rebellion..."
I then say, "But we weren't. We were growing underground."
"In the air."
And I say, "And now we are as strong as them. We aren't something small..."
He says, "We are Ravens!"

(You guys should join my new Apocalypse roleplay)
By Lifegrasp180
#90500 (cool i'll check it out waterboyr.)

I was the new king. this thought bounced around in my head for awhile while i waited for it to settle.
but not just of god's hand. but of the avius entirely. the problem is that the recent generation of avius is blind to the legend.
besides making me king, the fruit made me different physically. for example the night filter in my helmet no longer worked and things seen through my eyes were crisp and clear.
also i took a rock and broke it apart as if i were breaking bread. and it was also easier to fly, wind resistance was non existent and it took me awhile to practice the new speed i had.( i crashed into a few buildings.)
first order of business i need to figure out what is going on with the whole wall thing. then i unfurl my wings and fly off.
By Waterboyr
#91265 I hear a zooming sound and fly above the forest.
Someone is flying in our territory.
I fly after them to investigate and come up behind them.