By Lifegrasp180
#92819 i can sense the avius behind me. i do a quick 180 and was a little surprised to see the avius that busted out of the prison.
I thought i would find you somewhere.i said plainly. I hovered a slow circle around him.
i could see his eyes pointed at my crown. you like it? i said in mock friendliness. did I not tell you i was the heir to the throne? i continued.
oh yeah you were too busy spitting on my helmet. I said this with a bit of anger.
finally i change my look from an intimidating look to a businesslike look.
so i see you guys got a wall. as proud as i am that all the clans are protected now. i said.
it does seem strange that you built it in secret. i eyed the wall cautiously. then looked towards him.
seems like you are preparing for war. i told him

By Waterboyr
#92824 "Are the clans not at war? We are not in the war, we keep peace... But if people like you try to rule the others we will never be free. Bad leaders will always come whether your a god one or not. Kings and Queens are no longer needed! And for your information, I was mainly trying to tell my people to pull back and we shouldn't be in your territory. We had it planned but I didn't agree to it. Happy now? And we are prepared not for war, but to keep peace even if it means using force. The clan war will end now or we join it. And we have allies. Do not underestimate those you do not understand, for when you don't know your enemy and they know you, they are your greatest enemy. The most dangerous. And remember this, and that wen there are kings...
There is death. And power. And cruelty. And kindness. But always death. And with you sleep at night with the blood of innocents on your hand, and dream of the horrible moments every night, do not act like I did not warn you, for I did. And your under arrest. Even though you will no doubt break out eventually. WE have more serious matters than a foolish prince, or so-called "king."
While we were talking he didn't notice the guards behind him. About 40.
They all grabbed him and took him to a dungeon so deep down it took 3 hours to get there.
By Lifegrasp180
#92838 I went willingly. not because i thought they were stronger than me. the golden fruit gave me the power to simply kill them all. but i'm not that kind of guy.
the avius is right, a war is not something we need. but i can't help but feel there is a deeper purpose for the wall than just protection. and something about that avius just makes me suspicious.
i take off my crown and stare at my gold tinged reflection stared back. when my father gave me the crown i heard him say something that i probably should have taken into account before i confronted the ravenspire soldier.(which i assume was now the leader.)
my father had said. "When you take this crown". my father had begun, "you will only be king in title, but you will not be king in heart,nor spirit. for to unlock the true kingship that you have inherited.
you must let the power given to you through the fruit seep into your heart,mind,and soul. only then will you not only earn the respect of the people, but also be a truly heroic king.

and so i place the crown back onto my head and sit cross-legged in the middle of the cell. and i close my eyes.
By Waterboyr
#92955 "What do you mean they are dead???? How?"
I fly fast to the center of all zones, the neutral zone. The place where people can mingle with the other clans legally. Shops, markets, guards, events, entertainment, and more.
But not at the moment. It's nighttime and I land to see a horrific seen. 5 ravens lay dead. They were all the leaders of the clans.
Or for the God's Hand, former leader.
Their wings are cut off, and they are covered in blood.
Ours was a president, but the same idea.
"Oh my... Who..."
Soldiers from all clans come.
They are first surprised, than grieve, than start accusing. But then they all look at the few ravenclaws including me.
An avius: So Ravenclaws, the wall isn't enough to prove yourself?"
"Think your so bi-"
"-they were always the odd ones-"
"-we should do something-"
"-they probably did it."

I yell shut up and say that why would we kill our president?
"Have you ever heard of the ravenclaws having any bad feeling toward our leader? No one even questions and of our leader's moves and he isn't the whole government. Don't you all see? This is either a kingdom trying to take over all the others, which is the exact thing we are trying NOT to do, or there are traitors living among us all!"

And I knew, that a war would start. We had failed.
By Lifegrasp180
#92987 (psst. waterboyr it's ravenspire, not ravenclaw. ravenclaw is Harry Potter.)

I suddenly jerk my head back and let out a scream. there was a searing pain in my chest, like being stabbed...but there was no knife.
F-Father! i yell. I felt it. my father had been killed. i didn't know how but i knew.
I was breathing heavily, my hand was on my chest where i felt the pain.
I had to get out...go see father...must get out.
but i couldn't...i just can't father wouldn't want it.
i took a deep breath. sat in the middle of the cell, and once again removed my crown.
For you, father. i thought. i recall the things my father told me.
Heart, Mind, and Soul...Heart, Mind, and Soul. I repeated these words to myself.
Guide me me what i need to can i become the king?
apparently i was unaware of the crown and my wings were now glowing...
By Waterboyr
#93064 (OMG did I seriously just say that? I started reading them recently so you know... Oops. Lol)

*after that*
I walk down down to the cell and open the door.
"Your free to go. Go now. Hurry they are-"
The ground or technically underground shakes.

*horns blast from above and afar*
By Lifegrasp180
#93854 I hear the rumbling from where i stood. i look towards the soldier who was yelling for me to go.
I nod and run up towards the stairs. i eventually reach the surface and soar off onto a nearby guard tower.
What i see makes my eyes widen. the armies of all of the clans were fighting one another.
No...i said to myself. i cannot allow this to happen. but one person surely could not do this alone.
i fly back down to the avius who opened my cell. what happened!? i asked.
the clans are out there murdering each other! then i stopped and thought for a moment.
follow me. i said simply. then i took a running start and flew off towards god's hand territory.
By Waterboyr
#93874 I think about it and follow towards enemy territory catching up to him.
"All of the leaders... Were murdered. People accused us, the WyvernCove defended us, then everyone was making conspiracies and some idiot from ThunderPerch electrocuted a God's Hand official and it al went to hell from there. We tried to stop it but well I guess the whole idea of our clan failed. My plan is to not attack unless attacked 3 times. But-"
An avius from Phoenix Hall suddenly is in front of me with a sword on fire.
He swings and I pull out my obsidian and steel rapier and block it and quickly fire my crossbow to stun him and bash him on the head and he falls to the ground.
I realize I had a wound somehow. I kept flying dodging arrows and mortars.

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By Lifegrasp180
#93939 I nod. the old man did say it was way past his time anyway. i told him.
i pause for a moment then continue flying. we land in the god's hand throne room.
follow me closely. i say simply. i walk towards the right of the throne room and open the door.
once again i follow the complicated passageways until i reach the correct door.
i step inside to once again find the golden tree. there was only four fruit left.
one for each of the clans. i explain to the soldier. who seemed to look amazed at the sight of the mythic tree.
i fly up and grab the remaining fruit and return to the soldier. your about to get what you said you wanted i said. were going to unite the kingdoms.
i trust you the most i say. since your the only one in ravenspire who didn't try to shoot me in the face.
I toss the first golden fruit to the soldier. we have to replace your old leader with someone. i told him.

(sure i'll check them out. what are they called?)
By Waterboyr
#94133 (One is pre-current-after-apocalypse and the other is the war. The pre-current-after is big and I am basing it slightly off of multiple books to add twists and familiarity. And I hope it will be awesome. And anyway Legends Soaring wow um big step between your capturer and best friend. O.O )

My old...
Are you sure...
You want to do this?
I mean... if you give away the secret of this tree to anyone else which I noticed from the number of fruits...
And I'm assuming this gives power...
... You can't take away things you revealed pre-maturely.
*I think to myself, Should I do this? This could be a trap. Or an unfair advantage. But I could get what I want... Or break my morales I need. Hm.*
I think that you shouldn't share this with anyone else. When wars come and people die, you find things you can't control. And when you can't control it, you'll find your enemies like you. Because your enemies are connected. And you'll find your allies leaving. And one rising to power through the ashes. And I believe that is ThunderPerch. And I don't believe in unfair advantages...

So I will eat half of the fruit. If I decided I need to, I'll eat the other half.