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By Rzxa
#89927 Well since most of my Rp sucked or never continued
I'm gonna try my best on this one :/
Planet Earth is dying.
Earthquakes has been common
Tropical Storms are Worldwide
Hurricanes and Tornados commonly happens at all country's
Man has made machines and robotics,but the world is ending.
Man has to find its way out.
1.Impossible things can't happen
2. No F words and Swear words combos like
Press it if your gonna risk it

Other will be accepted but try to avoid it
Here is my app as a example
Name: John Pleb
Gender: Male
Weapons: Lazer Guns , lighsabers (yeah the date is 3000)
Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, a little tan skin, Dark cloak, dark boots, dark gloves
Age: 18
Personality: Lonely, Funny, and Impatient
I will accept your app through PMS
By Waterboyr
#89948 Name: Called "Traveler" or the traveler. Few know his real name.
Gender: Male
Weapons: Portable turrets and floating drones, explosive blow darts, and electric grenades. Oh and a pistol. And blow darts are emergency and electric grenade is only sometimes.
Appearance: Blue shirt and green pants, brown shoes, newsie hat.
Age: 19
Personality: Pancakes
I will accept your app through PMS
By Waterboyr
#90030 Do you want me to start?
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By Rzxa
#90067 yeah
By Waterboyr
#90072 On the edge of the pit we all met and knew our mission.
We all got the letter.
Now, we fight.
Out of the pit come terrible monsters. Ones that create earthly terrors. These are the monsters of the world. And they have minions. Thousands.
The minions are people except husks of people. Their veins glow whatever color their disaster is, like blue for rain and white for wind etc. They have trees growing on them or water for hands. They look demented and unnatural and twitch when walking. They crawl out in an inhuman way for their humanoid shape. I put down a turret but am knocked back.
I just need to get the samples so I can make goggles. Then we can see them through the goggles elsewhere in the world besides just here.
I send out floating drones and floating turrets to cover me while I grab things from a dead minion.
"Okay I got enough samples! LETS GO!"
I run away quickly to the ship.
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By Rzxa
#90076 i run too following traveler
By Waterboyr
#90130 I dive into the ship which is facing the pit and start shooting as I see Pleb coming towards me.
"Hurry up Pleb these things are going to get pissed once they all notice we are killing them!"
I start the ignition and pray he gets here soon.
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By Rzxa
#96664 I reach the spot where traveller is when the ignition started
(I'm not really gonna continue this because only one person applied I'm gonna wait for another for to continue)
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By Umbreon1110
#97194 Name: Nano
Gender: N/A, but usually referred to as a male (( I'll explain later ))
Weapon: Arm cannon
Appearance: Black chestplate with white gem on the middle with some plating heading to the sides, Black helmet that archs up into a single spike with a radio transmitter on the side of it, Grey belt with white gem, Black leggings, white gems on boots with jets for increased jumps, but not flight, on the bottom
Personality: Independent, Mainly resorts to violence, Has a soft spot for those close to him, usually cautious
Other: Nano is a humanoid robot that was constructed in 2989. He shows many human qualaties apart from aging, bleeding, breathing, and tiring out. He does feel things like emotion and pain though, and some cannot tell him apart from a human, until some of his armor breaks, of course... Yet, being a robot has is disadvantages - Being hacked into, Shutting down, etc.
Inspiration from the Megaman series

(( If this is not ok, lemme know. It is the year 3000, right? ))