By Waterboyr
#97376 (plays year 3000 song)

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By Rzxa
#99596 Accepted
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By Umbreon1110
#100639 Soooooo I guess I'll post now. Btw, I got a bit carried away on a server, which is why I was gone for awhile... *Sigh*

I hovered above the pit using my jet boots, and remained in cloaking mode so the creatures would not notice me. My gems switched to become a light blue color, and a icy blast flew from my Arm cannon, freezing a majority of the creatures. It would not hold them for long, but I had got what I came here for. I landed on the ground, since my jets were running low on power, and switched out of Cloaking mode. I saw some sort of ship out of the corner of my eye, and decided to hitchhike on it, and hooked myself near the bottom, but away from the thrusters. Hopefully nobody noticed me..