Would you join an Ender's Game one if I made it?

By Waterboyr
#89992 Okay first please do above poll.
Now I'm going to make a new roleplay non-pokemon related.

The teen apocalypse.
You are: (*insert age bewtwen 14-18, doesn't have to be real age)
You wake up in a wooden one room building with partly broken/burned walls. The ceiling is gone. There is a cement floor. The air isn't pleasant to breath. You find other kids/another kid near you. And it is freezing
You remember everything about your life, except anyone you knew but you know people you didn't. You remember everything but not certain memories just knowing things not having memories but just imaginations of the things like a random boy riding a bike except you've never seen the boy. And you know you can't make up faces without it being parts of faces of others or a person's, but you don't even remember learning that.
You remember your name:
Your wearing (optional, no coat or hat):
You have (optional and eyes, hair, etc.):
You see a: flashlight, barqs rootbeer, coat, hat, baseball bat, seeds, rope, string, or skateboard on the ground.
You also find a note. It says it's the apocalypse. Have fun because you sure didn't a minute ago.

That roleplay your post will start with.
Now this is part two which in your posts of just normal not apps like in the story you will put afterward in every post.
Same people too.
You are on a field trip. Your sitting in this big back row with some (Other roleplayers, and if you join late you were on a different seat and weren't seen until later).
You don't really like the people your sitting with. You suddenly stop at a café and everyone else goes in but none of you feel like going in and brought lunch.
(I will start this one)

And 2 years after present:
Age: (16-20 depending on what age you were add 2)
You still don't have your memory. But you want it.
You want it back baaaaddd. You know how to get it. But you know you can't. And you have to decide:
Try to earn it, or try to save the world.
There is an enemy greater than any other threatening all of Earth. No one will tell you what it is and only a few people in the world know. But the apocalypse didn't kill everyone. But now they have grabbed you because you survived as a teen and you just got finished with it. They are letting you choose: Got to a school to train and save the world even though you don't know anything about the school. You were just taken to a military base and told all of this. You don't know what it means. Apparently they think your one of the greatest young minds with the potential to save the world. To help everyone. To survive. There will beings that go against what a mind can even think that will happen and will have things no one has experienced besides kids that were already in it. Everyone else in it was already in it since they were 7. But they want to put you in it. Or you could go out into the wolrd. And you know that if you do you'd never rest until finding out what the enemy is and until you find your memory. Your family.

Okay rules:
1) Don't try to connect the dots from one roleplay to the other as in ending it but maybe a few things that would make since.
2) Don't defy Waterboyr, SPG, or Jim
3) Don't kill other characters and no acting retarded or having dum post like I killed the zombie but I died and saved everyone
4) If someone does something big you act big too if they act like nothing's happening don't make everything dramatic because these things would make it bad. If someone does something cool don't just ignore it.

So the point of this is you have the same person in all of these except they are completely different because they have gone through different things or like in the second and third forgot also so they act slightly different. So anyways you'd post your thing to the first roleplay and after that the second in the same psot and then the third all in one post.

My details because I won't copy and paste that app thing:
Name: Rooster
Clothes: Blue pants, grey shirt, blue cloth (as in fashion not warmth) jacket, black tennis shoes.
Item: Newsie Hat
Features: Brown eyes, brown hair, white

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By Rzxa
#90551 No one really apply in the roleplays a lot since there is many roleplays already made so no one really post and some people have school and stuff
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By Rzxa
#90580 Name: Pry
Clothes : grey t shirt, red jacket, blue jeans, brown shoes
Item: 3ds
Features : brown eyes , black hair, white