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By IceMan8030
SPG » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:48 am wrote:
hotburn101 wrote:1. If you have come here you must be powerful and have learned alot .... SHOW Me WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED
2 Atop a giant castle near the Stratosphere as the castles is falling to earth
3 A deeper version of the Song of Storms

the stratosphere is a casino in las vegas......

SPG go back to science class you derp!
By Mikiflyr
#128351 "When life gives you lemons, squeeze it in it's eyes and run."

In the beautiful internet. Not where all the internet sharks hang out...

Oh Bo
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By ceejayvee61
#132937 1. Do you now your fate.... Because I have found mine

2. Hall Of Origin (stopping people from attacking Arceus)

3. Some kind of Vs. Red Remix
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By AuraWalker
#169064 intro: "... tch... I've been noted..."

Location: dense woods

Theme: 20XX main theme
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By Shadowumbreon
#171809 Pre-Battle Quote "I was hoping to meet you under different cirmunstances... but you're here now. Let the victor... be the one that deserves it!"
Location: At the top of Destiny Tower
Battle Theme: The Demon of The Round Table - Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War OST
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By cassis321
#171810 I Like Turtles

Under your bed :-D

Backing up song

Team: Magikarp, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Feebas, Sunkern, Tyranitar
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By skywardstrike28
#171874 1. You're time has come. I am judge, jury and execution.
2. The gate between life and death.
3. Megalovania remix (someone had to do it)