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By charmander
#108282 Fun game of would you rather, answer the question above and leave a new question for the person below.

Would You Rather, swim in a pool full or snakes or swim in a pool full of piranhas?
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By Pgnconan
#108303 Bidoof

Would you rather stalk someone creepily or rob a store?
By 1Charak2
#108382 Stalk someone Creeply (they will never know)

Will you Rather Predict A new World Catastrophe or Create a new world Catastrophe
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By Blaster
#108396 Create because I could do what ever I wanted with it

Would you rather be the best Pokémon VGC player or TCG player?
By 1Charak2
#108437 VGC player Cause then i truly would be the master

Would u rather Give away ur soul to the devil or to god?
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By Byers5985
#108519 God because he will use it properly (In my opinion)

Would you rather laugh uncontrollably once every day without the choice of when or cant move for a hour a day
By 1Charak2
#108527 laugh uncrontably cause then it would lighten up my day

Would u Rather Kiss Spg Or Work for 20 years in a mine without seeing the sun
By JustNitz
#108626 Make out with SPG DUH!

Would you rather have a relationship with Britney Spears or Have a Relationship with Miley Cyrus.
By Quest God
#114023 Britney Spears, she has more experience.

Would you rather be a Creeper who can never explode & be picked on by all the other creepers or an Enderman who can't teleport & pickup blocks.