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By CrazyQuilman157
#159984 According to MatPat and TheJWittz, in the Pokemon world, humans ARE Pokemon, so, there's no real choice.
Would you Rather: Specialize in your least favorite type or never be able to use your favorite type ever again? (The two don't have to be the same, because of dual-typing)

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By HelenTheHero
#160006 Hmmm, I would go with least favorite. Thing is, I don't have a least favorite! Although Steel does annoy me because my team has absolutely no defenses against it.

Would you rather live in a world where every Pokemon is shiny, but the only Pokemon in it are the worst looking shinies, or in a world where there is only one shiny ever, and it's the Haunter i've heard about that is traded to you with an Everstone by a NPC.
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By CrazyQuilman157
#160491 Depends on what classify as the Worst-looking shinies. That being said, you'd otherwise have the only Shiny in existence. It's a hard choice...But, if I don't have to deal with Spinarak and Joltik...the first one.
Would you rather know why you came here, tonight, or feel that something isn't right?
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By AuraWalker
#169060 be a dragon

would you rather...
have to live a life as a rogue from an RPG
live as a mage but have no free time whatsoever
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By MewMaster666
#172488 Live life as a rouge

Would you rather give up eating bacon or give up eating tacos.
By CptSkrill
#172535 give up eating "Tacos" coz you can eat bacon mixed in with other stuff

Would you rather date Asuna from SAO or Hatsune Miku?