#114402 lol, slap poke infront of any word and it works out. Like sriracha with any food. I'm gonna think about this for a while.... OH RIGHT, the game! Here it is:

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LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! May the odds be ever in your favour....POKEPINIONS! DUN-DUH!

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By 1Charak2
#114439 PokePinion!

Opinion: What pokemn am i ment to be looking at lol

My Pokepinion: Victini Because it always Brings me Victory (until mega blastioses murders it)
#114494 PokePinion!

Opinion: Victini is pretty cool, with V-sig and all. I just think he's one of those new pokemon that I kinda sorta maybe just a little hate. I personally favor Pokemon that resemble some kind of an animal/god/legend, Victini just doesn't :( I guess he's like a flying squirrel rabbit...

He's a pretty good battler however, slap on U-turn, v-create, Bolt-strike and Zen Headbutt then add a choice band.

My Pokepinion: Lucario. A jackal, steel, egyptian god/boxer who(according to legend) was the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve. Lucario after one or two sword dances, I think we all know. The moment I saw lucario, I was taken in. Since I was little(my mom says since I was 3) I've been obsessed with Ancient Egypt. My favorite god was Anubis, the moment I saw lucario, that childhood love of Anubis transferred into Lucario. SO FRIGGIN COOL.
By Quest God
#114617 PokePinion!

Opinion: Lucario is cool cause he is a Fighting/Steel type & I tend to become a Steel type trainer on games.

My Pokepinion: Gardevoir, She my favorite cause I think she is one of the amazing Psychic Pokemon in the games.
By 1Charak2
#114668 PokePinion!

Opinion: Gardevoir No one Can hate that pokemon It protects its trainers by summoning a black hole Its mega evolution is a tank
(danm right) and i have a shiny gardevoir my self :)

My Pokepinion: (i got some other ones) Kyruem I all ways Had a Fascination With Dragons And how they where Colossally awesome When i saw kyruem i was like 0_o can it be Can it truly Be the pokemon i wished for (about 6 months later when the Forms with released) "mind-blown" I Combined my Resiram and my kyruem and never detached them since way 2 awesome Plus in combat usage kyruem on its own is a mixed power house but when combined with resiram u can use a nice niche of moves Such as
Fusion Flare and Ice burn i use those combined with ice beam and dragon pulse And bang Spicail sweeper (the only con is its speed)

and azterix (how Dare u insult victini it is not a flying squarell rabbit thing its based off a goodluck angel said to bring u victory :) ) (bulbapidia bit:it might draw inspiration from Nike, the Greek, winged goddess of victory, or Victoria, the Roman equivalent of Nike. Its tail wings may be a reference to Nike's wings. It also resembles the fennec fox.)
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#116093 PokePinion!

Opinion: charizard is over rated
My Pokepinion: squidward the malamar is overpowered
#116154 PokePinion!

Opinion: I kinda agree.. But it isn't good enough to be bumped out to Ubers.

My Pokepinion: Mincinno is an absolute beast with double slap:)
By pegguinni128
#116248 PokePinion!

Opinion: gen 5 sucks. nuff said.

My Pokepinion: Scizor. EV train it in attack, defense, and sp def, with an adamant nature, you got yourself a beast right there with tons of resistances and only one weakness. also, add the technician ability, acrobatics, Metal Claw, Night Slash, and X-Scissor. (optional: replace night slash with swords dance)
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By Aussie_Hunter
#130923 PokePinion!

Opinion: I agree, Scizor is a fantastic pokemon. Good Choice!

My Pokepinion: Kingdra. Nothing more elegant than a water dragon in my opinion. Great for filling in missing types in my teams.
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By bobbanana09
#130927 PokePinion!

Opinion: Agreed, kingdra is a spectacular pokemon.

My Pokepinion: Ludicolo in double battles are very hard to take out. You get rain dance going, they have rain dish to heal every turn, and water moves are powered up. Their typing isn't that bad either.