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By HelenTheHero
#146731 PokePinion!

Opinion: Arcanine IS cool, and it has a good story behind it. Originally part of the bird trio, then changed because it was confusing!

My Pokepinion: Dragonair, all about Dragonair. Beautiful, garceful, and it can learn some decent moves. To bad Dragonite looks so derpy.

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By HelenTheHero
#146762 *graceful
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By DetSkye
#148230 PokePinion!

Opinion: Can't lie, Dragonair is near the top of my list for favorite pokemon and it is a shame it changed to drastically to Dragonite.

My Pokepinion: Azumarill! With the add-on of the Fairy-type, plus having the ability Huge Power, it makes for some hella hard hits and extra damage to other types. I think Azumarill is rather cute as well with the body bubbles and wiggly ears. C:
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By HelenTheHero
#148232 Because pretty much no one is doing this, posting again. :P


Opinion: I like Azumarill, it's a nice Pokemon and is definitely improved with the added Fairy type. I haven't used one before though, so I can't say from personal experience.

My Pokepinion: Hmmm, this is a toughie. Aerodactyl I think. It's one of my Top 3 Favorites, and I use one in my XY/ORAS team. With Mega Evolution and the right amount of Speed, Attack, and Defense, Aerodactyl will wreck most Pokemon it goes up against.
By Shadowumbreon
#161864 PokePinion!

Opinion: Who doesn't like the prehistoric reptilian that can fly, only beeing outspeeded by Ninjask and Deoxys in Speed form during it's mega evolution!?! And then the ability Tough Claws... give it Dragon Claw and most Dragons will shiver in fear from it's deadly attack.

My Pokepinion: Since no one gives it much love do I say Flareon. Sure it's not the strongest fire type out there and easly outshined, but the Flareon that I have in my Black/White Randomlock team... it wrecked things very much!