By pelagius_septim
#126492 So this game is a creative game which just came to mind, and I thought "Hey, what a stellar forum game this would make!" So I decided to propose the idea.

With this game, you must take at least the first 3 letters of your username, and make a simple sentence. Thats all... But here is the catch, you MUST make the sentence relevant to the one above yours. Meaning if mine is about purple cows, then the one under mine should have some sort of relevance to purple cows or the color purple, or even just plain ol' cows! You do NOT have to count the following as words so it may help understanding: It, of, the, in. But you CAN if you want. Please capitalize the letters which appear in your name. Thanks!

So I will start... Purple Elephants Like Apples, Grabbed In the UK.

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By DutchKroket
#126578 Dark uses the charge high

(Luke => Skywalker => Darth Vader => Dark side => That epic electric attack => charge)
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By Glaedr
#153589 Galactic lightsabers are epic, Double-bladed rock.