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By TheGoldenSnake
#136379 ========== The Game ==========
In this forum game people give 3 hint of a Pokemon. The next person must guess the Pokemon and then leave 3 new hints.
========== The Rules ==========
1.) One of the hints must be a type hint
2.) Although I can't stop you please guess not research the Pokemon this way it'll be more fun
3.) No copying others hints please!
========== The Beginning ==========
#1 This type is super effective to it's self
#2 First Evolution
#3 Final evolution's tusks are Axe Blades
By Lizzy39632
#136383 Fraxure

Hints: This pokémon can learn play rough by breeding.

It's also a pure ground type.

It's from gen 2
By Lizzy39632
#136387 Well Axew is considered as not evolved yet, while Fraxure is a first evolution.
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By TheGoldenSnake
#136461 Is your Pokemon Phanpy?

1.) This is a Gen 2 Pokemon
2.) It's type is a Gen 6 Exclusive
3.) It has a shell around its body
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By ceejayvee61
#136586 Togepi


1 Has two Mega Evolutions

2 Type normally uses special attacks

3 Has a tail
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By FrozenJemima
#136596 Mewtwo or Charizard (They both have 2 megas, they both normally use sp attk, and they both have tails :/)


1: It adds dark type when mega evolving
2: It's Pre Evo is useless
3: It turns red when Shiny
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By TheGoldenSnake
#136613 Garados

1: It adds dragon type when Mega evolving
2:It's from Hoenn
3:It's a Final Evolution
By flame108951
#136618 the answer is mega ampharos


it is a flying type

it looks like it is made of metal

and its from Generation III