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By TheGoldenSnake
#138523 since there were no questions on the last one...

1.) This is a grass type
2.) 2nd stage in evolutionary line
3.) the sweet scent pokemon
By TheHyperOne
#138836 There's no grass type Pokemon called the sweet scent pokemon. After tearing my hair out trying think of the damned thing, I looked it up and there's no such thing.
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By SnowBlitzz
#138859 that's why I don't play this game. some people make up stuff
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By CrazyQuilman157
TheGoldenSnake wrote:
CrazyQuilman157 » 10 Sep 2014 18:34 wrote:Easy. Krookodile. (I know because he's just too cool.)

1. Got a Mega Evolution for no apparent reason at the time.
2. Has a very broken Hidden ability considering this Pokemon's stats and how it is played.
3. You'd need a Tums after eating it. (Bad Puns on this last hint. Sorry...)

You MUST have a hint about type but I'll still guess it to be Camerupt?

1.)It's from gen 4
2.) its final evolution gains metal type
3.) It is a second evolution

Actually, it was Blaziken. I assume you got the fire-type pun (Heartburn), but Camerupt and Sharpedo got one at the same time, so why would that look like for no reason when they were announced?
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By CrazyQuilman157
#140524 As for the current one...(Since mine was apparently terrible, I won't write more questions) I think it's Leafeon. I'm not sure why I think that, but I think that.
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By HelenTheHero
#146718 Here is one :-D

1. It is a Gen 1 Pokemon.

2. It is a middle evolution. (Charmeleon, etc.).

3. Dragon type.
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By AnttuMoi
#154901 Dragonair.

1. Gen 6 Pokémon.
2. Is bug pokemon.
3. Third evolution.
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By TheGoldenSnake
#154913 vivillon

1.)Gen 4
2.)Evolves from the evolution pokemon
3.) it's an ice type
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By CrazyQuilman157
#157198 Glaceon

1.) Sonic's Best Pal.
2.) Inflatable.
3.) Walks on 4 legs in HG/SS.