By Shadowumbreon
#161861 Buizel or Floatzel but both don't resemble Tails so much, even if they both have two tails...

1st: It's very ADORABLE~ <3 (Especially in X&Y Anime)
2nd: Despite beeing a normal type does it pack a punch!
3rd: Mostly underrated thanks to the evolution it haves.
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By CrazyQuilman157
#167228 Bunnelby?
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By Jack_Attack12
#167619 You don't have 3 hints so am just gonna start again?
It evolves with a certain type in its party
His type is fighting
He resembles a type of bear
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By skywardstrike28
#167785 Easy, it's Pancham.


1. It is a basic pokemon (charmander, numel, etc.)
2. It is 4x weak to Fairies
3. It's second stage (charmeleon, dragonair, etc.) has the latest evolution level of any pokemon.

Knock yourself out.
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By Shadowkirby
#167839 Easy, it's Deino :P


1. It's a pure Ice Type.
2. It's pre-evolution can evolve into 2 different Pokemon.
3. It's Hidden ability is Moody.
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By weegeeizcool
#167840 It's Glalie!

1. Pure electric type Pokémon.
2. Is an unevolved Pokémon.
3. It's signature move is Volt Tackle.
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By PigLover1202
#167841 If by "Unevolved" you mean it hasn't evolved yet, then Pichu.

1. It has a mega
2. From Hoenn
3. It is a Dragon/Flying type
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By Shadowkirby
#167872 Could be either Altaria or Salamence, all hints fit on both Pokemon.

1. It's a normal type
2. It's the "Virtual Pokémon"
3. It can learn the move Trick Room by Level-up.
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By PigLover1202
#167933 It was Altaria :P Totally forgot about Salamence
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By AuraWalker
#169071 i'll take a guess that shadow's pokemon is PorygonZ.

as for my pokemon

1. it's known for it's devious nature
2. it is part ice
3. it is gen 2 whereas it's evolution is gen 4