By Waterboyr
MrSPARTAN23 wrote:Anyway how did you put that image as a signature? What command did you use?

Um I made it using GIMP... and then used imgur to get a link and went to my profile settings and put it in the signature section and clicked image in the toolbar above the box with my signature address.

By Waterboyr
MrSPARTAN23 wrote:Ok I'll try that. Thanks for the information ;).

No problem.
By Lettucecow
#57806 It is a pretty cool looking sig
By Waterboyr
Lettucecow wrote:It is a pretty cool looking sig

Thanks... It's kinda bad because I'm not experienced at GIMP.
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By Kyiv
#57989 Its nice! Very unique compared to mine.

Have a Great Day!,
By Lettucecow