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By ilovepokemon
#80393 9.5/10
I like Electivire beause he can learn moves such as Psychic, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Flamethrower. And to give you guys a heads up, my avatar is from a TV show called GaoGaiGar FINAL and it's awesome.
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By charmander
#83005 7/10 I like it, but it's old.
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By Rzxa
#97503 10/10
I like charmanders
By Ewery1
#103287 Erm I'll say... Probably 7/10 because Flygon can be good, but it's kinda creepy... Fine, 8/10

Well, Buizel is a personal favorite, for roleplaying reasons, I'm not expect it to get higher than a 6 xD.
By Waterboyr
#103342 7/10
Love Buizel and animation gives an extra point, but it's a tiny and not very good animation so yeah. I started playing Gen 4 first, well after Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue (the original), but still Gen 4 is fun.
By Waterboyr
#103345 10/10
I know it's probably from an anime or manga and I don't know what it is, but it just looks really cool and interesting. What is it from, maybe I'll like it. It just looks really cool.
By 1Charak2
#103351 10/10 turtwig is one of my fave grass types

(i wonder how arcanine will fair ---->)