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By Blaster
ilovepokemon wrote:
Blaster wrote:The other being either Mew or Ditto (I hope it's Mew)

yeah, it mew

I have a body and heart of steel, i am a Sword of Justice. I was also trapped in ice by Kyurem in the movie. Who Am I?


I am a God.
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By ilovepokemon
#73740 I am the legendary Pokemon with the most appearances in the anime. I am the only one so far who follows the protagonists on their journey. Who Am I?
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By Foquine
#73813 Meloetta?
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By ilovepokemon
#87409 cresselia

i am the fastest non-legendary pokemon in any of the main games, with a maximum speed stat of 460, i am a 3rd Gen Pokemon. who am i?