#77207 The rules of this game are simple:

You corrupt the previous person's wish
Then you make your own wish

Relatively simple. Here are some examples to show you what I mean.
GenericGuy1: I wish I had a piñata

GenericGal2: Granted, but the piñata is empty
I wish I all the poor people in the world are rich

GenericMan3: Granted, but now, all the rich people in the world are poor
I wish I had a car.

And so on
Remember this is a game, so have fun :)
Lets start

I wish pixelmon had Treecko

#77254 Granted, but it had no powers and fiery tail

I wish there were more legendaries in pixelmon
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By ilovepokemon
#77506 Granted, but they will always flee from you and ONLY you

I wish Tyranitar gets a Mega Evolution
By Lettucecow
#77539 Granted but it has a base stat total of a cleffa.

I wish pokemon X and Y would come out sooner.
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By Foquine
#77762 Granted but it's full of bugs, bad glitches and costs you twice the original price.
I wish my wifi would work again...
#77792 Granted but then your minecraft doesn't work

I wish there was a new psyduck model
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By Rzxa
#77799 Granted,
The Model has no texure and is much more ugly than the previous model

I wish for World peace
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By cannonite
#77892 Granted but the world peace only lasts for three weeks and then world war 3 starts
I wish for a cookie
By Lettucecow
#77936 Granted but it has raisins in it.

I wish mega evolution was permanent.