By 1Charak2
#102248 You do good but then u fail at life

I was my wish was corrupted
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By redrafter
#102283 Granted, but it eventually got medical help.

I wish the next person lost the ability to corrupt my wish.
By Forever Is Now
#106156 granted, but by doing that you essentially divided by zero and the universe imploded on itself

I wish the next sentence would come true. I wish the last sentence would not come true.
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By tsdrummer
#106664 Granted but you broke the universe

I wish everyone liked pokemon
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By Frisson
#110119 Granted but there are no more shiny pokemon

I wish that the contest condition stats existed in pixelmon, (beauty, smart, cool, etc)
By 1Charak2
#110567 Granted but battling is removed

I wish i someone posted after me
By Waterboyr
#110858 Granted but you never posted

I wish someone would corrupt this wish of wishing someone would corrupt me wishing for someone to corrupt this wish