By igzoz
#83978 So basically comment your pokemon riddle or just answer and have fun!

I'll start with an easy one!

Witty and smart, incredibly sly.
Like the rest of my brethren, I am quite shy.
Not fire or water or even lightning,
No snowflake or leaf blade, nor even a wing.
To grow, my cousins, they need a stone,
for what I can do with experience alone.
They're known for their tales and their tails
But only with one, I do just as well.
In the dim light of dusk, it's when I eat my fill,
not yet part of darkness, but one day I will.

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By joephillingham
#83980 eevee ~toire

I come from the sea, covered in rock
Despite my ancient origin, my eyes will strike fear into your heart
Nothing can stop me, once I get my claws get their lock
Unless of course you see turn the tables, to the point that I can’t restart
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By killthepast
#84113 Kabutops

I am cute,
but dont get close
being fire can burn you
nobody knows if my eyes are open
the fire pokemon from johto
By igzoz
#84132 Cyndaquil

I'll have that forme
and that forme too
i'm different every second.
i'll change in the movie, by my own
but in the game, i'll need a stone
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By joephillingham
#84158 Deoxys

I have recently gained what will later be lost
And I have gained it with much cost
But I will later gain much more still
Once I have sharpened my skills
You may expect me to lose something later
But what you expect to be lost will just become greater
I really know how to relax and rest
But in the town of relaxing I struggle at best
The one who excels where I fail
I find extremely easy to nail
The only one who can not change
I do not have that big a range
I'll be forced to destroy what I most love
I fear the punishment from above
By Viva_la_pwn3d
#90706 Slaking.

Sadly there is no evo for me,
But what's worse is my being vastly outclassed
By another similar in typing.
But enough of this griping,
So happy am I for tonight's forecast
Is a fantastic new Dream World ability.
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By joephillingham
#94904 Sableye

Just you and me. Just riddle and rhyme.
I'll lay it all out, no tricks this time.
The 'mon that you seek is found, incredibly, phat.
You heard right, that's where it's at.
Skip the tail of a turkey and shaggy mane,
Look for something else, almost the same.
Spy more than one, thats it you've got!
Actually, and on second thought,
I'll give one more hint, since you're so near,
showing fruit for half the year.