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By TheFallenAngel0130
#100778 It all started on a Tuesday, it all went down from there.

"Research still does not know about this mysterous stone, it will reach the Ozone Layer in less than 5 and a half hours, be prepared.We advise everyone to take shelter under sea level.Be aware as a Patient Zero is on the loose. Never go out in the open."

"How are my Pokemon Trainers?" I asked.
"Whats a Patient Zero?"
"Nothing" I quickly replied.

The door burst, wood scattered on the floor as Zozoarks were peeking through the hole.
"Go go to the attic dont look back just run!" I shouted.
We barely made it to the attic, there was another door to the road.It was a unbelievably dumb idea but 3 lives were at stake i couldnt leave my family behind.Think of it 2 children and a wife but when we got outside we got in a car and drove about a mile and then it was a settled nice city in this part until it broke out. we went in a RV, salvaged the items and drove even more. we broke down at a hotel where it was broken down dark and abandoned.We got into a room where a family was keeping safe, they let us stay but in the morning we ran to the roof as only the boy of the family was with us.The door was breaking loose and i saw that the transformation into a corrupted being was exacly 12 seconds. Zozoark blood fell into my mouth, nasty as it was we ran but then i saw the boys family in the crowd chasing us.I felt the worse for this boy.

I stood at the edge and counted 12 seconds... i wasnt one of them.
"What are you doing!?" They asked.
"Nothing, but hold the door in the attic i called and i said we would hafto get help at the hotel roof trust me!" I yelled.
In the far distance i knew i was right as a helicopter was flowing towards us.Withing seconds it was 3 meters away.
"Everyone must jump now theres no time!" we were told.
We jumped but the end was now when the dark stone fell into the ground and a huge dark dragon was released, the pokedex names it the legendary Zekrom...
Hey thats the end im waiting for feed back and ill make the ending