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By Pgnconan
#103063 [center]Loneliness, sorrow, and agony, those were the last feelings he felt, before he faded from his world, to another.

Sunlight poured down upon his body, filling him with warmth. Groaning slightly his eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing the scene of a sunrise, slowly rising above a beautiful forest. He stretched, feeling with, what is now his paw, the mildew, which was glittering in the sunlight. He looked down upon the paw which was covered in black, damp, fur. “A paw?” He said, in a slightly surprised tone of voice, not remembering a single piece of his horrible past. Slowly he then looked upon the rest of his body visible to him, now knowing whom, or what, he is. Looking towards the sunrise, he pondered about his bodily features for a moment, trying to grasp any memory that might serve to guide him in the right path of knowing what he is.

Sighing he slowly attempted to get up, wobbling slightly, not being acquainted with his four legged body. Slowly he put one paw in front of the other. “One after the other. . . .” He told himself, while walking over various roots. There was a slight breeze now, washing over the trees. The sound of the wind burrowing its way to the leaves soothed him, filling him with an emotion he had rarely felt, happiness.

This is the beginning of a little story I felt like starting, any opinions on it?[/center]