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By Doublade
#103296 He was scared, eyes turning to a cyan-ish colour, affraid of what he once loved. His name is Jonathan. He was a PokeCollege student who wasn't very popular. He couldnt win alot of pokemon battles so he couldnt get in the pokemon tournament that was going to be hosted in campus after two weeks.
He trained his zorua like there was no tomorrow. He teached it TMS EV and IV trained it but still no result?
His zorua should've became a Zoroark by now.
"All this training and you still wouldnt evolve zorua? I cant believe you say you're passive" He said."I need to find a way to fix you"
He was a pokemon biology student, best of his class but still weak and has no experience in pokemon battles.
His only friend Karry who was an engineer Working with the ESSRL short for Evolution stones scientific research lab.
He thought that with their experience they can get a sollution for zorua to get stronger.

Hope you enjoyed,this story isnt complete if you want to get mentioned in the story please tell me your real name or choose a fake one. First i'll think of adding some modellers beta testers and forum mods then i'll add the rest.
If you find any spelling mistakes please inform me. Also if you have any cool ideas you are free to share.

By 1Charak2
#103356 :O genetically modified zorua "Here come the consipricesys