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By victorpower
#147014 Real Pokemon Games (Good):

-Every pokemon added,

-Decent Story


Real Pokemon Games (Bad):

-Still pretty bad graphics

-Little customizing

- You have to pay for it

Pixelmon (Good):


- High customization

-Free exploration

-Trying to add all Pokemon on the same platform

- 100% Discount on the mod download

Pixelmon (Bad):

-Has not added all pokemon

-No deep story

- Easy level mismatch

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By HelenTheHero
#147038 I think some of the Pros and Cons of Nintendo Pokemon and Pixelmon though are,


Pros: Updating, you can actually see your Pokemon when not battling. Having a whole team of starters without trading.

Cons: Can not create their own Pokemon, must wait for Gen 7 to add Gen 6 Pokemon, some Pokemon are not modeled well yet.


Pros: Story. Minigames to play and train with your Pokemon, and decent enough graphics if your playing ORAS or XY.

Cons: Time. It takes almost a year for a new game. Remakes can be boring, and the older games graphics were bad.
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#147041 Actually, x and y has far better models then we ever will, the resolution just shoots it in the foot. So in terms of Pokemon, no, Pokemon is, and always will be, better