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By BlazingPrimeape101
#148311 Here I am... the final battle... my journey flashes before my eyes. Me deciding I wanted that Chimchar to help me protect myself from the starly... me catching the shinx, and my very own starly... chimchar evolving, my first gym, battling team galactic... I remember it all... the elite four, everything. Then, I flash back, to this iron hall of the Sinnoh region. I pull my pokeball out and scream, "Go! Storm the Staraptor!" Cynthia, the champion picks her Togekiss. I scream, "Aerial Ace!" And Storm swoops in, the togekiss dodges it, and returns with a sleek quick Air Slash. "Close Combat!" Storm goes in and extremely damages togekiss. I go for another close combat and yes! The togekiss is down.

The battle has raged on, all me pokemon are down. Volts, the Luxray, Aura, the Lucario, Storm, the Staraptor, Inflation, the Floatzel, and Quake the Torterra I raised from my friends egg. Now time to send my last pokemon...

"GO INFERNAPE!" I send out Infernape, which finishes of Cynthia's Spiritomb. "impressive battle. Too bad it has to end so soon." says Cynthia. "Go! Garchomp!" Cynthia screamed, releasing her ferocious Earth Dragon. I believe in Pyro, the infernape. "Flamethrower!!" Infernape blasts a stream of fire out, and Garchomp resists the hit. "Earthquake!" Which creates a rumble benath my feet and almost knocks infernape out, but he hangs in there just a little away from the red health. I command him to use Flare Blitz, which he does, and he dodges a deadly Earth Power. I use a Mach Punch, to take it out, it still hangs in there, I release a fire puch, will Garchomp just stands there boosting it's attack, I get worried, and soon I'm ut of options, I Flare Blitz, which takes out Cynthia's Garchomp and, I wait to see if i faint from it, and NO! I... JUST... SURVIVED!!! YES!!! I did it! i succeded! I WON!!!!

Thank you for reading. yes this did actually happen but I couldn't remember cynthia's move in platinum so I just went with it. :-D