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By TheGoldenSnake
#152354 Have you ever heard that, when near death, your life flashes before your eyes? Well, I can honestly tell you that it's the truth. Has I lay there, on the cold floor, with my team defeated, I saw my backstory.
I remember when I had become ten, just one year ago. I ran to Professor Birch's lab and begged him for a Pokémon. He showed me a Totodile, Chickorita, and Cyndaquil. I chose a Cynadquil because it had appeared calm. Little did I know, it was extremely high energy.
I remember finding that sweet little Eevee. I went into a battle and my Cyndaquil just went off. It ran all over and refused to battle. I ended up just throwing a Pokeball at the Eevee and catching it. The Eevee was fairly simple to train but I couldn't train the Cyndaquil. I once found a shiny stone that my Eevee ran up and touched. It began to glow a brilliant yellow and became a Jolteon. I now had two high energy Pokémon.
One day, I was by the ocean. A giant Pokémon emerged from the ocean. I threw a Pokeball and summoned my Cynadquil. The Pokémon used Bubble and knocked out my poor Cyndaquil. My Cyndaquil got fired up and began to glow. After being on my journey for three months, I knew what that meant. My Cyndaquil had become a Quilava. It threw an amazing Lava Plume at the Pokémon. Somehow, the Pokémon was affected. I pulled out my Pokedex and searched the Pokémon. It was a Mantine that was a water and flying type. I returned Quilava and pulled out Jolteon. It used Thunder Fang and knocked out Mantine. I threw a Pokeball and caught the Pokémon.
After seven months, I had only caught two Pokémon and got a total of three. I saw a Unova plane flying through the Johto and imagined all the new Pokémon. It happened to be a cargo plane that dropped something. I ran to catch what had dropped and did a diving roll has I caught it. It was a Pokémon egg. I put it carefully in my backpack with a blanket around it to keep warm.
I remember my time up on the mountain. It had been three days since I had gotten the egg and It began to glow. I pulled off my backpack and watched has it became a Axew. The brilliance of the light had attracted a wild Pokémon. It was a Pupitar that had come to watch the amazing hatching of my Axew. It was a kind hearted Pupitar that stole the Axew from me. I chased it until it was cornered and asked it return my Axew. The Axew ran up to me and I held out a Pokeball for it to go into. It pressed the button and went in happily. The Pupitar began to freak out and I thanked it for returning my Axew. I apologized for having to leave with my Axew and It ran up and pressed the button to release my Axew. The Axew was sleeping and yawned. The Pupitar went and sat down beside it. I asked the Pupitar if it would like to join my team so it could stay with Axew. It suddenly became happy so I handed it a Pokeball. It pressed the button and went inside.
Probably my most exciting part of my adventure was on my eleventh month. My Pokémon had been training and I had a Quilava, Joleon, Mantine, Haxorus, and Tyranitar. For some reason, my Haxsorus was black instead of gold. I hadn't prepared for what happened that warm day on the lake. I saw an amazing dog cross the water. I was taken back at the amazing sight. When I looked back it was gone. I turned around to see it staring at me, five inches from my face. I fell back but it caught me. The amazing Pokémon began to speak to me. It told me of a great evil that had arisen. It told me that it needed my help. It told me to summon all my Pokémon so I did. They all sat there perfectly attentive. The Pokémon asked where my sixth Pokémon was and I replied that I didn't have one but that was why I was at the lake. It told me to hunt no further and to give it a Pokeball. I did has told and it pressed the button. It went into the ball with no problem at all but came back out a minute later. It told me where to go and to hurry.
It took me about a month but I met up with the other two trainers who had been told to meet here with me. I was informed that I was chosen by one of three legendary Pokémon to help save the world. The other two chosen by the others were Melody, a sweet girl who was a month younger than me with the Pokémon, Raikou, an electric type Pokémon. The other trainer was named Max and he was a very high energy kid who was a year older than me with Entei. We each had six Pokémon because of the legendry's had come to us. I informed then that my name was Chris and we each got to see each others teams. Melody, had come from Unova but had traveled here and had a Vanilluxe, Swanna, Emolga, Seperior, and Jumpluff. Max however, came from Hoenn with Blaziken, Sharpedo, Raichu, Houndoom, and Scizor. They had came to Johto and caught some Pokémon here, if you can't tell.
It was a five day journey but we made it to the villans base. We entered and the final battle began. We all fought has hard has we could and made it to the leader's chamber. There were three people there. One a fire type trainer, who I fought, a water trainer, who Melody fought, and a grass trainer, who Max fought. About half was through the battle, we began to lose. I had lost all but Suicune and the others only had their legendry's left too. Entei and Meganium battled until Meganium used Solar Beam has Entei used Heat Wave and they both fainted. The Solar Beam hit Max and he slid across the floor. His Entei disappeared into the air and said goodbye. Just then Melody and Raiku were hit down with an amazing Hydro Pump but Raiku zapped the water has he fell. Another double knock out has Raiku disappeared, whispering into the wind, goodbye has well. Melody had been knocked back and Max was there helping her up. They could both barely move has they fell once more. Has I turned back to my battle, I saw that Melody was soaked and Max was slightly bleeding. The Massive Volcarona I was fighting sent out a Hurricane that Suicune was swept up in. It neared me and I was thrown to the wall. Suicune fell but used Mirror Coat. He disappeared also with a whisper into the wind. I blacked out before I could fully hear him but I heard a goodb-. So here I am, at the end, just beginning to come back before I fall once more. I see Max and Melody so I try to go there. They're dead, just like I will be. I can see all their Pokémon laying on them with tears. I close my eyes one more time and release my Pokémon. With my last breath, I say, " Goodbye, I love you all and I'm sorry I failed has you has a trainer." I slowly open my eyes to see them all once more. They're all crying by my side. I can't breath and I don't have the strength to close my eyes. That is my final story, so I say to you all, Goodbye


Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed my story.