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By Waterboyr
#83035 Chapter 1

They were right there.
In the school.
Whenever I saw her I got a queasy feeling. Not a crush but like we knew each other like the back of our hands but we'd never been more than just friends. Barely even that.
But when all hell broke loose we knew it was time.
I knew when it would happen.
I was staring at the clock and felt like throwing up.
Suddenly feeling a rush of anxiety and danger I ran to the teacher and said I was going to throw up. It works every time.
I ran outside and actually did puke. In the hallway I stared at the now green covered glossy white floor. What was happening? Why did I feel this way?
I stood over for a minute when I heard footsteps and looked up to see April who looked worse than me.
And then the ground gave way.


I fell to the floor and landed in puke. I immediately screamed as chunks of ceiling went near my head. Lights flash and thoughts swarmed my head and my brain went fuzzy trying to process everything. A nearby classroom was full od shrieking middle schoolers. The roof collapsed in that room and I knew they didn't survive. I ran to Scooter and grabbed his arm and ran. RIght where he was standing the lockers fell on and the ceiling fell to. The ground shook and the floor cracked. Dust was everywhere but yet no people. I knew that people would always make it out. Something was wrong.
We ran notk nowing why we were together but both knew we always felt that connection.
It was time.
Tick tock tick tock.
Every night the same dream.
And then shaking.
And then more tick tock tick tock.
We ran outside and pushed the doors wide open.
I didn't know what to do. Honestly I wanted to curl up in a ball but when I got outside I realized I couldn't. The sky was completely made of dust. A nearby apartment was on it's side. A neighborhood was on fire. And the school fell as I processed this, the force pushing me to my knees a few feet away. Scooter was thrown and hit the ground hard. I saw barely any teachers or students and they didn't notice us.
At least it was over.
Then I remembered the horrifying word I'd read I in the dictionary that day just before leaving class to go to the hall when my life was ruined.

Okay so I'll do chapter two soon and yeah I'm planning to make a big story.

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By Rzxa
#83124 10/10
As good as ever expected from Waterboyr
By Waterboyr
Rzxa wrote:10/10
As good as ever expected from Waterboyr

Heh thanks.
By Waterboyr
#86090 Chapter 2
Scooter fell to the ground in shock. The ground slightly tremored.
"April... Did you know..."
She says, "Yeah. I did. But... Aft-"
She tumbles forward and so do I.
Everything spins and I grab my head. Nothing makes since. Suddenly it clears up and I grab her hand and run. Because we need to get somewhere. Because of the aftershock. We run hand in hand thrown into this hell with no escape, no waking up, no giving up.
Imagine a school and an elementary across from it and a pickup circle. A neighborhood a block away. And now imagine two kids running on the road holding hands. And the road splitting in half. The ground waves up and down. Cars fly through the air. Screams are heard from everywhere. We've traveled about 10 feet only. It's like a horror movie tape that got stuck. We run in slow motion. Because we can't run. Cracks open up and trees fly through the air. We have to try not to trip. People fly through the air. Sweat drenches me. We are out of the school area and running on the street. Houses are crumbled and a fire hydrant suddenly explodes right next to us, drenching us completely.
I fall down and April screams. A car runs into the school and explodes, and I can feel the heat. One house is engulfed in flames. One minute life was normal and happy. Or as happy as a sucky no friend loner school life can be in America. But now I was playing a game with a girl that we can't win. A game with the devil that we put down the pieces and can't pick back up. A dangerous game of chess.
Pawn up.
Pawn up.
All pawns up.
All pawns dead.
The knight is coming.
The night is coming.
Knight moves yet we don't know it.

I start to throw up when it's over. We are in town square, or what used to be it. I barf for minutes straight and it starts again and I keep barfing.
I lay down holding on to a pipe and vomiting projectiles everywhere. I curse in between and wish I was dead. Scooter cut his leg bad and is grabbing it and screaming with his hands over his head. And this is how it is. For 30 minutes straight. I never stop barfing. He never stops screaming.
And then everything ends. We crawl to the grass and just lay there. The road is nearly gone. The buildings are all destroyed, half of them are barely standing. We look at each other after we have lied there for an hour. We got up finally.
"Well that was fun!:
I make an effort to lighten the mood.
Scooter says, "At least it's over..."
But then we see it.
In the middle of town square. The earthquake made a ditch.
And it's overflowed with dead bodies.
And the town square fountain is red.
With blood.
Scooter stammers something that sounds like, "Cops... We need to go... April... Help..." but it's all so distant. I start to fall over.
And then I collapse and give into slumber.
By Blaze150
#88337 wow gg waterboyr hmm i knew an April once but anyway thats a really good story
By Waterboyr
#88459 Thanks! I'll make the next one soon.