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By cannonite
#85876 Entry 1
July, 12th 2601
To anyone who is reading this I am Private Kilowatt an newly recruited Electabuzz in the Pokemon Alliance. This is my journal that I will be keeping as a record through the war. I suppose I should say whats been going on over the last 5 years.
Well it all started when Salamence tried to take over as supreme ruler of the known Pokemon world. He and his corrupt inner circle of Pokemon rule with an Iron fist freedom would be crushed under them but many pokemon flocked to their cause anyway. As a result they have a massive army plenty of supporters and near unlimited resources. However there is a spark of hope a ragtag army of Pokemon including myself and my partner a Magmar named Spitfire have rallied under our the old and wise Dragonite as the Alliance or rebellion as many people know us. Me and my partner just got out of training and into the field so we may not have seen much action yet but we are ready to fight for Freedom! I will keep this Journal as updated as I can on my off hours.

(So this story is an idea I have had for some time and I may not be that good at writing but I still love to make up stories so read it or not but i'm going to write it feedback is accepted)

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By cannonite
#86069 Entry 2 Meeting the Team
July 13th, 2601
Today Spitfire and I met the squad we were assigned to. This squad is a group of elites who tackle the hardest missions when needed. Initially I was the only replacement for their member Raichu who had unfortunately died in the field.
They sent spitfire in so I would have a partner and someone to watch my back when the squad split into teams of two which they do quite often. Anyway the squad is led by Sergeant Sceptile an old war veteran who has been around since the beginning. He is the strategist of the squad as well and is always calm and serious. Its a bit unnerving really he has never cracked a smile even at one of Haunter's jokes. Sorry Haunter is our stealth expert as well as the clown of the squad. He is very good at both jobs he can sneak up on you and make you laugh simultaneously . Next would be Starmie our medic hes a bit strange but I hear his Hydro pump and Psychic attacks are really strong and his recover is really strong too he can heal nearly any battle wound with it. Finally would be my least favorite squad mate Corporal Diggersby hes second in command and apparently our best fighter as well as the biggest jerk but more on that later. For now I have to go do some practice drills to keep in shape they say an attack may be coming soon so I want to be prepared for it.