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By majesticmadman98
#185387 I think a cool feature would be to have an option to make HMs work more like there game counter parts, so for those who are creating a map like that games can better.

HM01 Cut: Can cut down the little pixelmon tree that blocks your path but no other tree. This would prevent players from destroying other bits of the world and allow the need of cut. It would also be cool if that tree respawned after a min or so.

HM02 Fly: As much as I love flying on the back of pokemon, with a project like this isn't quite fly friendly. You get high enough or far enough you either lose the map or you see all the ugly edges. It'd be nice to have nameable "fly" blocks. That you can place, and once you have discovered them you use fly opens up a menu and send you to that location.

HM03 Surf: You go swimming while not ridding a pokemon hurts you health, or teleports you back on to the land. And pokemon can't go below the water.

HM04 Strength: Strength boulders (effected by gravity, so can work as both new and old) that when strength is in play you can right click and it'll push the boulder in the direction your facing. Also reset after some time.

HM05: Defog when used does the /weather clear command

HM06: Rock Smash, basically the same thing as cut, a boulder the player can't jump over, that rock smash can only destroy that. Resets after a min or so.

HM07 Waterfall: Not sure how this would work, maybe special waterfall blocks you can only go up when using waterfall.

HM08 Rock Climb: Similar to water fall special blocks you can only climb when using rock climb.

HM09 Whirlpool: Special block that sucks items and entities into it, as well as removing the blocks in a upside down pyrimid shape, so it all collapses onto that block. When whirlpool is used is close proximety it removes the block which respawns a minute later.

HM10 Dive: If player goes underwater without dive suffers damage.

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By majesticmadman98
#186875 A better idea for game like Defog, would be blocks that create fog particles which block up the players view (Fewer but larger particles to prevent lag) and when defog is used they stop producing fog for a time
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By jsnbrown1989
Code: Select all    # Requires HM move Fly or HM move Surf on a Pokemon to be able to ride it.
    B:"Have HM To Ride"=false

This is already in the config. I believe they are already working towards this..
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By majesticmadman98
#186948 Dont take this the wrong way, but was has that config bit got to do with this bar surf.
Because pixelmon is generally designed for the entire openworld of minecraft the HMs work in a way that would be "realistic" for lack of a better word.

Where we're after HMs that we can basically control, and build them into a map. Because of the nature of map building having fly as it is, can look ugly and make keeping them in the map a pain, where as if it worked in a similar fashion to /tp then map makers could keep them in a map friendly way but also they can make it more like the games.

So we'd like each HM to have a specific block (That has differnt functions dependant) that each HM move can only interact with. Which means the map your building wouldn't be damaged by players using a legit function, but also means that you don't have to build "resets" so each time the player does uses something like cut in the location designed, you don't have to get it to rebuild the tree