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By majesticmadman98
#188705 In compliance to forum rules, I'm keeping each suggestion separate. However they are all in the aid of more linear map makers.

So there are loads of people asking about plus lvl 100 pokemon, and we get that's not gonna happen. So for maps it'd be handy if we had more control over players PCs and Pokemon.

So the first part of this suggestion is linked PCs.
To create fun regions with a level cap, it'd be best if there was a way to "get rid" of a players pokemon, however it's not necessary to permanently remove it, just make them inaccessible to later on in the map.

As the map I'm making will encompass all the main anime regions plus a custom one, it'd be ideal if PCs had a linking name. So all PCs with that name would be linked. This would mean map makers could use a different storage for each region and then can make the pokemon accessible later by having a linked PC.

To give map makers control over this a command (/pokesend <Player> <Party slot 1-6> <PC Name>) So we can force players to start from scratch.

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