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By smashbro596
#199899 i love mounting pokemon in this mod. however. one thing that always bugged me was how non-aquatic pokemon can learn surf, yet boot you off if you take them for a swim.
pokemon like dragonite, lugia, and rayquaza all share this ability to fly through the air and dive deep under water. lugia and dragonite are even nicknamed "the guardians of the sea," with lugia itself being found deep under water.
now, the idea is land or air-based pokemon that can learn surf yet are not water mounts being able to swim. two new mount types: amphibians (pokemon like blastoise or nidoking) who are able to swim and walk on land at normal speeds.
and avian amphibians (such as lugia and dragonite) who can swim the deep depths of the ocean and soar above the clouds.
all of these being unable to buck you off in water.
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By Rasgnarok
#199965 You can modify the database to allow Pokemon like Lugia to be air AND water mounts. No extra tweaking from us is needed.
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By MoeBoy76
#200084 Alternatively you can use Spawn of Psyduck to change them