By Lukob96
#203902 With the release of Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, a cool addition could be catch combos. Catching 11 of a particular pokemon in a row means that pokemon will start spawning with better stats (I think 2 full IVs at least), then even better at 21 (3IV), then maxing out at 31+ (4IV minimum). Would be cool if they also increased the chances of that pokemon spawning, and increase shiny spawns around the player with the combo. And although abilities aren't in the Let's Go games maybe in Pixelmon combos could increase the chances of HA pokemon spawning.

I know that in Pixelmon you can breed for stats, so maybe if they are implemented they could be optional in the config.
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By Flashback83
#203937 I think a sidemod could do that, like change the stats and/or shiny rate when player capture a pokemon in a row, i was thinking to make it, but i think i'll wait next update cause i will not be available during February, so im not sure ill have the time in January.
So, if you know any dev, or you can still make a request on Sponge ... n-requests
But the idea can be cool :p