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By Corcustos
#203962 I know it was said that ultra beasts not being legendaries will most likely not be changed, but I'm going to make the suggestion anyways because this is too big of an issue for me to ignore. Here are some reasons to make them spawn like legendaries, and reasons not to.

Reasons to classify Ultra Beasts as legends on Pixelmon:
    • Undiscovered egg group > Only Nidoqueen and Babies share this.
    • In the official GTS, when you choose to hide legends/mythicals, they get filtered out.
    • In the official game, they share the same pokedex background as tapus.
    • Code-wise, they're treated the same as the birds, tapus, regis, etc.
    • 3 guaranteed perfect IVs in the games. (Currently not in Pixelmon, bug?)
    • Encounters are very legendary-esque in the games.

Reasons not to classify Ultra Beasts as legends on Pixelmon:
    • Canon/Lore > Not officially legends.
    • You can obtain multiple of them in the games.

While they aren't technically legendaries, a lot of us know that they're just another classification of legendary like mythicals. Mythicals are canonically a completely different classification from legendaries, but most of us throw them in the same group. If we're going to lump mythicals, a similar yet completely different classification of pokemon in with legends, I think we should do the same with UBs. I'd even argue that UBs are somewhat of a counter-part to mythicals. You cannot obtain mythicals through normal gameplay, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, you can obtain extra UBs. True legendaries sit in the middle of these two distinctions. Another way to put it is in tiers. We have true legendaries in the middle. In the tier above them, Mythicals, an entirely separate group of pokemon more rare than legendaries and typically unavailable in normal gameplay. In the tier below legendaries, we have UBs, another different group of pokemon that are more common than legendaries, but are still very limited compared to common pokemon (partially in USUM) having a maximum of 1-4 depending on the beast. To summarize, I think we should either blur both lines or blur no lines.
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By XpanD
#203963 Thanks for the post. I don't have too much to add here, other than that the 3*31IV thing is indeed a bug. It's being looked into! Once that's in you should be able to make Ultra Beasts spawn like legendaries, by the way... might be interesting.