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By Lukob96
#203983 Ok, I know the guidelines say not to suggest any generation 7 features, but the FAQs say that's because the focus is currently on gens 1-6, so now that gen 7 is out I reckon I'm safe. :P

There are 6 items that I would love to see added to the mod from gen 7. These items are:
- Electric Seed
- Psychic Seed
- Grassy Seed
- Misty Seed
- Terrain Extender
- Protective Pads

I believe these should be added since they could be quite impactful to the competitive metagame (particularly the seeds which turn Hawlucha into an OU powerhouse next to the Tapus).

Thank you for your consideration.
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By Lukob96
#203986 Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps would also be amazing.
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By Ivy
#204137 Seconding the bottle caps. They really add another layer to IV and hidden power training. I'm sure they're planned, considering these other items that are also missing at the moment.

Also small sidenote about hawlucha: it can use a Flying Gem acrobatics set, since the gems are available.