By Jigokusaru
#204413 I don't know if has been suggested before but this is my implementations, have a backpack item you can craft, maybe with different colors, that holds x amount of items, and has pockets like balls, healing, key, so on, while the bag is in the players inventory all items picked up that are pixelmon items go in the bag and the player can move items in and out of the bag as needed (ex: b opens bag, a botton "move" opens a [- 0 +] box and u can move items to the players inventory if u need it, like a revive) also, make sure battles see the bag as items u can use.
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By BekNos
#204423 This, 100 percent! There's to many items to hold onto in Minecraft on it's own, let alone with all the Pokemon items! And if you are playing legitimately, I seriously doubt it's very easily managed.