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By Darkklaw
#204451 So as some of you may be aware, the Wiki has a list of triggers to use for Advancement Customization. Fortunately, these triggers are also useful for some other things, such as being usable in quests for the Better Questing mod, something I've been looking into recently.

However, the current set of triggers is somewhat limited, so I'm here to suggest some more:

  • Find a structure
    Minecraft already has a minecraft:location trigger built in that checks where a player is every 20 ticks. This trigger can also detect if the player is near a structure. This, unlike for biomes and dimensions, only works with vanilla structures, however.
    It would be great to have a trigger for when the player gets close to a Pixelmon structure, such as the Shrines, Timespace Altar and Towns.
  • Defeat a wild Pokémon versions of the currently existing catch triggers.
    Pretty much identical to the pixelmon:legendary_capture_trigger and pixelmon:spec_trigger, but for defeating a Pokémon that meets the conditions instead.
  • More battle victory triggers
    The current existing pixelmon:wild_battle_victory_trigger but for trainer battles, player battles and boss battles.
  • Breeding trigger
    Trigger for breeding a specific Pokémon, or one that fulfils Pokémon specs given. Preferably separate triggers for obtaining and hatching an egg.