By Erokaution
#204473 My suggested feature is pretty simple;
I'd appreciate the option of hiding the standard pokemon UI that normally appears on the left of the screen without any menus open. The Hide UI button only seems to hide the names, but the bar is still there, which seems almost pointless to me.
Instead, I'd offer the idea of having a option to hide the UI and show it in the inventory instead. Simply hit a quick button to see which pokemon you currently have and their status'.
I'm sure this wouldn't be that hard to implement, at all. Maybe a few new lines of code for the actual implementation and some extra for the config option.

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By Jay113355
#204483 Hiding the UI entirely like you suggest would defeat the whole point of that UI, You wouldn't know what Pokemon is currently selected and there is no way to see that info from the inventory. Very few people would use this feature so its kinda pointless for us to add.

If the UI is too obstructive for you try turning down the GUI scale and see if that helps.