By neferpitoudono
#204502 Hello folks!

As we all know, CustomNPC was a thing before until it stopped working. We all loved our placeable animated pokemon. I personally loved to see the design inside the game, and how it moved, how the wings move, tails, fire efects I had an idea.

The chisel is the most amazing tool in my opinion. We can write any pokemon's name and it will appear. Most updated models look beautiful (despite old pixelated ones of course, although they bring nostalgia) but imagine just putting animated pixelmon around. I wanted to make some kind of Pixelmon exhibition or ''Zoo'' because I love seeing them, but it's hard since they aren't animated. It's fine if they don't move. I just want an animated statue. What do you guys think? I would even pay money for this option. It'd open a lot of opportunities for me in the future. I think it's beautiful. It's important that we can get to see the model and its frames movement. Please~!

Thanks! Hope you liked it as well! Bring the option in~! :-D

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By Flashback083
#204530 Hey, you can animate the statue by using NBT tag
You can edit the statue with NBTEdit mod ( or you can follow this step :
Put your statue, and try this command :
/entitydata @e[type=pixelmon:statue,c=1,r=5] {Animate:1}
It should make the statue animate
@e -> Target Entity (needed)
type = pixelmon:statue -> Apply only on Statue pixelmon (needed)
c=1 -> It will modify only one statue (change it to apply to any statue you want at same times) (optional)
r=5 -> Radius (optional)
{Animate:1} -> Set 1 or 0 if you want animate or not statue