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Carrying Poke Balls

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2019 02:54
by SquidCat
So Pixelmon has a lot of items in it that are really useful in battle and that's why some players want some sort of backpack type item for extra storage. While I agree that a big backpack to fit all your Pixelmon related items would be nice, I also think it would be a bit overpowered.
What I think would be sort of middle ground is a satchel that can only hold Poke Balls that you have to equip on the player like its a piece of armor, so most likely in the chest slot, and would have between 10 - 15 extra slots in it.
To me, it would make the most sense if the only way you could open it outside of battle by using a key bind. You would also be able to use the Poke Balls stored inside during battle.