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By Cerbin
#204833 In the Pokemon games one can store items in the PC, and access them from every PC in the world.

The feature I'd like to suggest is to port this behaviour in the game, by making the PC working like an Ender Chest : when using it normally, it just opens the Pokemon Storage System ; when sneak + using, it opens a (simple or even double chest ?) item storage, shared among all PCs by the player. I think it might be a great feature because it would add some nice utility to the PC without beaing game-breaker (we already have Ender Chests and Shulker Boxes)

Extra suggestion, while talking about the PC : being able to manage equipped items while in Pokemon Storage System
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By Jay113355
#205009 Kinda pointless when minecraft already has a way to store items like this. You can also find other mods that can do similar things.