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By flyteofheart
#205037 Ranch blocks are the biggest culprit. With efficiency 5 or a beacon you can break them just by breathing on them. This is a huge problem when you spend weeks finding enough ranch upgrades to get a max ranch and you break it during a half second of server lag when trying to replace the floor or even a misclick near it.

Healers should also work like this. They arent even intended to be moved and are destroyed when mined. Ender Chests in minecraft have the same hardness as obsidian SPECIFCALLY for that reason- using wrong pick destroys it.

This is a quick fix, simply DONT give them a "correct tool" or give these fragile machines the same hardness as obsidian. The hardness of an ender chest is 22.5 and there is no reason a ranch block should be less than that. Glass is a block that is completely unaffected by efficiency and haste and tools, and they could also just copy that AND raise the hardness a bit.

This is default behaviour intended by the MC devs regarding materials that you can lose when breaking wrong (glass, chests, sea lanterns, glowstone, the players bed so it cant be broken accidentally) and IMO pixelmon should follow suit.

At this time I dont consider it worth it to put ranch upgrades on ranch blocks until this is fixed. They are too fragile and I have lost weeks of work to it many times over.